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Help! Peeing issues...again!

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Quick background: I got Cleo a few months ago from my ex, he had her after we broke up, but decided to part with her when she started peeing on his bed.

She seemed ok with me, peed on my couch when I first got her, but then adjusted and only peed on my bed once in a month's time. Until I got ready to move us. She peed on my bed daily, every morning. I took her to the vet, who confirmed that she didn't have a UTI. She got valium to calm her down about the move, which worked very well at the time.

We've been moved in and settled for two weeks. She hadn't peed on anything, I was ecstatic! Last night when I got home I found that she had peed not once but twice on my bed. Nice surprise at 2am.

I cleaned it with enzymatic cleaner, put some of her food there this morning (that's seemed to work before), and sprayed my whole bed with Feliway. Just a few minutes ago she decided to use the couch, instead of my bed, to pee on.

I called the vet, but they're closed at the moment. When I do get to talk to them, I'll see if they want me to bring her again. She was tested for a UTI about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

What might be causing this if she doesn't have a UTI?

I cleaned the litterbox yesterday morning, gave her the SAME litter she always uses, and she hasn't used it yet. The litter smells a bit funny, not sure why, but it's not the beginning of the bag, so I don't think that's it.

I've read through the inappropriate peeing thread about various things to do, and I'm not sure what else to do except maybe get more Feliway spray (just ran out) or maybe two plug ins, but it's SO expensive and not worth it if it doesn't work.

Help, please!!!
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I don't know , but I will bump that one for you
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If it does not turn out to be medical at your vet visit, it really sounds like she is stressed. Divorse, moving from house to house and getting ready to move again. She may require some time in a confinement to one room. During this time, extra attention, play time and as regular of a routine as humanly possible. There are also medicines that the vet may prescribe to calm her stress level. But keeping YOUR stress level down is also important as they can pick up on this.
Best of luck.
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I agree with Jen. I think that your cat is stressed. Try getting a Feliway Comfort Zone mister which will put calming pheramones int he air for her. Also, please click here for a lengthy thread full of ideas onhow to stop inappropriate urination.
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I bought a Feliway comfort zone thing last night, which I plugged in in my bedroom. I want to get another one for the living room too, since she also did the couch. Does it take awhile to work?

I just sat down on my bed to read, and found that she'd peed again, same place. I flipped the mattress last time, and all the linens are brand new/clean, so I didn't think anything smelled, but I kept one of my pillows from yesterday so I'm thinking maybe she smelled it? I had thought it was clean, but maybe not.

She did use the litterbox last night, yay!

I'm going to buy a plastic cover for my bed, so that way if she does it again I don't have to do laundry, AGAIN.
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