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Anal Gland secretions?

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Once in a while my male cat will leave tiny specks of really bad smelling liquids. I'm guessing these are secretions from his anal glands. Is there any way to prevent this (it's ruined a few bed spreads). It doesn't happen a lot, maybe once or twice a year. I don't think it's a disease, is it normal? Other than "expressing them" what other was are there to deal with this issue?  I'm afraid he "secretes" onto his cat tree where I can't see it to clean it up either!!

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How are his bowel movements--soft?  Cats generally secrete when having a bowel movement, but the feces / poop has to be of a somewhat firm consistency.  It's not a disease that I'm aware of.  If you  look at his anus, do you see any tiny black dots:  this is a sign of secretions ready to come out.  He may also scoot his butt along the carpet.

Ritz' BMs are firm, yet she has to have her anal glands expressed by the vet around twice a year.  You might want to take your cat to the vets to have this done.

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