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RIP Missy

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I had a cat named Missy when I was 15 years old.  Actually I got her when I was 13.  I am 29 now.  Missy got hit by a car early Christmas eve morning when I was 15.  I remember waking up to go get something to drink and I heard my dad and step mom in the laundry room whispering saying shhh, she is up and coming this way.  I just thought, it being, the day before Christmas, that they were wrapping presents and didn't want me to know.  So I went back to bed.  Later Christmas Eve morning my dad comes into my bedroom, sits on the bed and right away I knew, my precious Missy was dead.  He said I have something to tell you, and I said to him jokingly, what Missy is dead?  He got tears in his eyes and said yes I am sorry, she was hit by a car early this morning.  I broke down crying.  That cat was my angel.  The thing is, I truly believe I saw her get hit by a car.  It was around 1 in the morning and I looked out my bedroom window and saw a car speeding down the road and saw the car hit something.  I didn't know what it was, and I most certainly didn't think it was my cat, but thinking back, I believe now I witnessed my cat's reason for dying.  Her lungs filled with blood and that is how she died.  I was so depressed.  I swore I would never get another cat as long as I lived and now I have to.  Spooky who is a little over a year and Tigger who is 8 weeks.    I remember when I got Missy.  I originally got another cat who was blind out of one eye and on the verge of dying.  well my step mother said it would be best to get another cat, one that was healthy that would last.  After much hesitation, I agreed and brought the sick blind cat back and saw missy.  I tried to go get missy and the darn thing scratched me.  LOL.  After that I was determined to have missy.  So I got the owner to chase her down.  It took half an hour.  But he finally got her and we were best friends until the day she died.  Now she is over the rainbow bridge just waiting for me to come be with her again.  rub.gif
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She obviously played a big role in your life and lives on in your memories. RIP, Missy, you're missed.
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I still remember childhood cats. As long as you still think of them they'll always live on in your heart  rbheart.gif

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Missy rbheart.gif
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