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My crazy critters!

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Pearl and Ike are let out, first thing in the morning and the weather is still nice enough, to leave the solid door open. After a night's rest, both dogs are in a mood to romp and play. The cats sit at the screen or on the windowsills and taunt the dogs.

Pearl loves nothing better, than playing with Rowdy. She tries her best, to get Opie and Buddy to play with her but, they are having no part of that bumptious beast. Instead, they tease her, by sitting in windows and doorways. Pearl goes absolutely nuts, jumping, whining and bringing her toys, to try and entice the boy kitties to play. Naturally, Opie and Buddy sit there, with smug looks on their faces. They know that Pearl can't get into the house and they aren't about to go outside.

This morning, I guess that Rowdy had had enough of Pearl's antics. Pearl had been jumping and pawing at the screen and Rowdy ran behind the wood door and closed it, right in Pearl's face!

Buddy and Rowdy have a new way to tease Pearl. Shell sent us an assortment of cat toys. The fuzzy mousies are ignored but, the jingle and rattle balls are a hit. Rowdy and Buddy will bat them around, right by the screen door. Having cats playing, in such close proximity, drives Pearl crazy! SHE wants to play, too and can't get in. That's when she brings her toys, up to the screen door. The cats don't seem to be too interested in mangled tennis balls, knotted rope or an old coffee can, though.

Whatever I've spent on pet food, shots, litter, etc. is well worth it, just for the entertainment value, that I get from these crazy critters.
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LOL, your household seems a lot more entertaining than tv! How I love to read about the antics of your menagerie!
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You hit the nail on the head, pretty much! I figure my kitties are my only form on entertainment, so I don't kick myself for spending money on them.
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The mousies ARE getting some playtime. Either that or, we have a poltergeist - I'm finding them all over the house.

The cats just don't want anyone to SEE them playing with a "cat toy".

Last week, I bought a 3-pack of tennis balls, for Pearl. I threw one out for her and what does she do? Runs around with the mangled remains of the old one, in her mouth. Silly, silly doggie! She has also appropriated and old coffee can and hauls it all over the yard.
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I agree Cindy!

There's the crazy playing, I love when my 2 chase each other around the house. And yesterday Molly was attacking something on the wall in my bedroom, last week she was going in circles after her tail. Faile loves to chase the little rubber balls we bought her.

As if that isn't enough, there are the cute moments when you run for the camera before they move. And the cuddly moments, even if it makes typing a little more difficult. Or reading, or sleeping, or whatever it is you're trying to do.
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This morning, I caught Rowdy in the act! She was rolling around, in the hallway, with a fuzzy purple mousie. Buddy has been batting it around, for a few days, but Rowdy doesn't want anyone to see her playing with a kitty toy. Well, her cover is blown, now!

At the same time, Buddy was in my laundry basket, rolling around with a pair of my underpants. He is SUCH a pervert!
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Originally posted by katl8e

At the same time, Buddy was in my laundry basket, rolling around with a pair of my underpants. He is SUCH a pervert!
He just loves you. Poor Pearl - she just wants to play!
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