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Cats just don't get weekends...

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OK, it's 5:45 am, and I've already been up for an hour thanks to my wonderful, loving, purring, nibbling, head-butting cat that just doesn't understand sleeping in on weekends!

I don't get it - he doesn't get soft food in the morning anymore, so there is really no incentive for him to wake me up!

Although he's so happy when I do wake up, and cuddles and purrs and rubs and snuggles, so it's hard to be too upset.

I need a nap...
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I know the feeling but, in my case, its dogs. Bill gets up, at 4:30, during the week and we haven't been able to reprogram the dogs' bladders for weekends. If someone isn't up, by 6:00, Pearl starts yipping, to go out. None of the cats wake anyone up - they just snuggle in or go hang around the house.

I'm to blame, this morning. Woke up at 3:00, to go and couldn't get back to sleep.
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You are lucky! My purrbabies make me bleed in the mornings to get up and give them their breakfast Ahhhh... just to get woke up with a gentle nudge or a purr would be a dream come true
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I think that cats have a sense of time, and they get worried about us when we don't follow our usual routine. So...your cat's only incentive for waking you up waaaay too early on weekends is his concern for your well-being...
Isn't it nice to be cared about?
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Hehe . . . Luna lets me sleep. She's always pretty quiet, and in the mornings, she just goes and eats breakfast (I free-feed her) and plays with her toys quietly til I get up. When she sees my eyes open, though, forget going BACK to sleep! LOL!
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My cat Lukcy just stares at me. He gets up close to me on the bed and looks down on me intently until I wake up -- it doesn't hurt, he doesn't touch me at all, but it's VERY effective. Cat telepathy: "food, food, give me food"..
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awww...Suzy hes lovey thats all. (yeah right) Amber doesnt wake me up but for some reason i (most of the time) wake up when she jumps on the bed. she'll hunker down by my legs and nap. then I'll go back to sleep
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I don't think cats will ever get weekends. My 2 wake me up not by coming into the bedroom but by sounding like a herd of Rhinos doing the Indy 500 in the living room!

Even that will keep me in bed but then I hear CRASH!!!!! That definately gets me out of bed and they look so damn innocent!
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Ivo doesn't get weekends either. By 7:30 she's jumping on the bed, pacing around my head and yelling for me to get up. I've found if I get up, feed her and go to the bathroom (a shortened version of my weekly schedule), she'll either fall asleep on the couch or jump on the bed and settle down to sleep. Then, I can sleep in until after 9.
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My cats don't get weekends either, but I don't mind. I have to take some pills at 6:00 a.m. So I just feed the cats, take my pills and go back to bed.
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Peaches jumps up on me in the morning and puts her cold nose on my cheek. Scares the crap out of me every time!
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