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Found injured cat.

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Yesterday while I was walking my dogs I saw a cat lying in the grass. The cat was not acting normal. He kept walking in circles and falling over. After I took my dogs back home I went back out to check on the cat. I noticed a wound on top of his head, then I waved a towel in front of him and he didn't seem scared or aggressive. So I carried him home in the towel. We called animal control but they said he would likely be pts since they don't have a vet there. So we packed him up in a crate and went to the vet. He walked around with very little balance, and seemed to be blind. His eyes are functioning and respond to light, but he nearly walked off the exam table. The vet took some blood and tested neg for felv/fiv and his glucose test was normal. They got him a can of food which he ate 1/4 of a 5.5 oz can, but he walked through it and smeared his face in it trying to find it. He got sub q fluids, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory . The vet said that he could have an infection that spread to his brain and might be able to recover or he might have brain trauma. If he doesn't improve by tomorrow (Thursday) he might need to be pts.


I've got him in a crate covered with a blanket and have been trying to feed him watered down canned food, and he ate a few bits of kibble. He's only eating little bits at a time.  He peed all over himself and the towel in his crate. I don't think he can get into the litter box. He can barely walk and without help he flails his tail around like he's falling whenever he tries to get up after laying down.



My house is no place for a disabled cat. I have a full house here with 3 dogs and 4 cats. A 15 month rottweiler who is very friendly but tends to trample those who don't move out of the way, one of the cats is quite a bully and another cat is very territorial. I'm going to try and nurse him back to health and find him a quieter home. I'm not sure if he will recover, or how disabled he will be if he does.

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This breaks my heart.  Thank you for helping this kitty.

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Oh, poor little guy! Thank you so much for trying to save him. Many vibes for a full recovery and quiet home for him.
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Sad update. He stopped eating yesterday afternoon and stopped moving at all in the evening. We took him in this morning to euthanize.

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Poor baby. Thank you for helping him; at least he didn't die all alone.
RIP, sweetie. rbheart.gif
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