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Favorite Litter Box Type?

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I've read lots of posts about where people put their litter boxes, how many boxes they have, what kind of litter they put in them, how to clean them, and so on, but I don't think I've seen a recent thread that talks about the actual type of box itself. So here goes.

Which type of litter box do you have, and which ones have you had good/bad luck with? Regular? High-sided? Framed? Hooded/covered? Domed? Automated Rakers (like Litter-Maid or Purrforma)? Sifters? Self-Washing (Litterfree)? A RubberMaid Storage Box? Or do you use a few different ones to give your cats some variety?

I'm convinced I've never found the perfect box for my cats, so I hope to get some good opinionated advice here.
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what seems to be working for my kitties and myself right now is the catty corner litter box....it is shaped to fit in a corner, is larger than most boxes...is covered...AND it has a sifter in it... LOL...i wasn't sure how to classify it! but with 2 kitties and not a lot of room for little boxes, it works out very nicely.
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I was looking into buying that corner one. I saw it on the Petsmart web page. Right now I have a hooded one and a sifter one. I like the sifter part, but since it isn't covered litter is everywhere. I like the hooded one, but I hate scooping. I think the corner one will give me what I like about both into one.
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I have differend type's of boxes . Some have biger site's , some have smaller site's and some also have differend sizes . I have notice that some of my cats like one kind and the others cats the other ones and some don't care at all . But my big boys like Malachi , Raffael and Moses like the biger ones , they like to scratch a lot the site's . Well , as long they are clean boxes they go in all of them . Now Jezabel don't mind any boxes as long it is a clean box . If some one pooped in there you can forget her , she will use the rug in the living room . Be sure now since I got Jezabel I am always on the litter boxes to make sure they are clean for her to use .I guess each cat is differend just like we people are
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hooded boxes

(17 of them )
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Originally posted by JenLuckenbach
hooded boxes

(17 of them )
WOW! I can't even stand cleaning one!!! How do you do it!!!
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I don't have any hoodet boxes , mine really don't care much for them . So I dump hood's in the trash .
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Spike's litterbox is both hooded and has high sides.
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My girls use the hooded kind as well.
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Booda Dome
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Extra-large, high-sided and hooded. Our cat weighs almost 14 pounds, is extremely long, and loves to scratch around in the litter.
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Both of my boys use the hooded litter boxes. Now I just wish that they would learn to leave the litter in the box and stop shovelling it out onto the floors!

Ever since I first saw the litter boxes that clean up right after the kitty has gone, I've been afraid of a malfunction and lose my kitties! No electric gizmos for my boys!
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I have 2 that will use anything, hooded and non-hooded as well as the Clevercat top entry litterbox. My 3rd cat was using all these at first, but at times would stop using the Clevercat (when only using them). I think it was because of his size (14+ lbs) that he couldn't easily fit. So I decided to do an experiment and see which they prefered. I had one Clevercat top entry and one jumbo litterbox (non-hooded). When given a choice, they prefered the regular jumbo litterbox. So that's all I use now, 3 of them.
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We have one jumbo hooded box, and two regular open ones. I started using the open ones again when my oldest cat (now deceased) had a hard time getting into the high-sided hooded ones. Also, my husband's cat won't use a hooded box (he's a pretty big cat & I don't think he likes to be cramped up while using a box).

I like the Booda Dome's look, but it's a pretty small box, too small for everybody except my smallest kitty, Felixia. Actually, I've been thinking about getting one just for her, so the petite one will have her very own box that no-one else can use (she's VERY picky about having a clean box).

The corner sifting box looks pretty neat, too, and looks big enough for the larger cats. Can someone who has one tell me if it's hard to sift or not b/c of the weight of the cat litter?
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we used to have the hooded kind but patches hated that thing!
she would hiss at it so now we have the Framed kind
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I have a high-sided one for Ash. I couldn't affordf a hooded, and she LOVES to play in clean litter. Its the ONLY time she plays. She's odd.
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I used to use hooded but I JUST started using under the bed plastic boxes. They are making my life SOOOO much easier! I still have a couple enclosed ones, but we have 6 under the bedboxes in the closet in the sunroom and one in a litter bench. I'm so happy I switched!
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I use hooded boxes. When we got Winnie and Minnie, I bought the booda dome. I thought they were great ....until Scooter, our large, stocky male bengal, decided to take a pee in it, and aimed outside of the box I guess it was too small for his size, So, that went into the trash.
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I need to get a hooded one soon.
We just bought a bigger litter box
cause Spaz has an issue with missing
the box somehow lol now with the
bigger one she still does it, so
maybe if we get the hooded type she
won't be able to go right outside
of it.
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Hooded. Definitely. My cats would probably rather be able to throw litter all over the room, but the hooded one keeps most of the litter in the box, no matter how much they dig.
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We have a huge relatively high sided plastic storage bin for our boys. They don't make much mess, so I'm happy.
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I don't prefer any litter box over another. But my kitties do! I have several types around my house to fit each kitties preference. I think the most popular one though, is not even an official litter box. It's one of those long under the bed plastic boxes that I just took the lid off. I think they like it because they feel like they have more room in it. One of my kitties used to be a poop on the floor problem until I got this box. She would poop just outside the box. She hasn't done that since I got the long, under bed box!
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I prefer a hooded box with high sides in the kitchen. My cat only likes a hooded box if the litter is unscented. Currently, I am using a large litter box without the hood and it's now located in the livingroom.
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Both litter boxes are standard types. Felicia won't use a hooded box. Beau will use either hooded or standard.

I am considering buying a hooded box that fits in a corner. I use wheat litter and don't know if the sifter could be used.

One I wouldn't have is the mechanical one. Just be my luck the cats would be afraid of it.
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Tuxedo --

I use the lift n' sift box and I don't seem to have problems with the weight of the litter while sifting. I use scoopable/clumping cat litter (that's what Summer was used to) and it works like a peach. FYI The sifting boxes are cheaper at walmart than petco or anywhere else. Hope I helped answer your question.

Lacey (Summer's Mom)
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I have a large hooded litter box for my kittens with a flap in the entry way (by petmate). My kittens love it and play in it (which i hate) but i think that has something to do with the fact that they are feral.
I was thinking of getting an electric litter box but that might scare them. Any advice about them?
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I selected "variety/other".

I have a BIG litter box. I had bought it back when I first got Comere (RB) because it's sturdy and HUGE. I've never found another one like it. It also had a hood, but I stopped using it when Comere was having "pee outside the box" problems.

I ALSO use shallow plastic storage box made by rubbermaid (I think). I have the litterbox in a spare closet, and the litterbox sits inside the shallow storage box. The shallow storage box is almost big enough that it takes up the whole closet floor... this way if there's any pee or poo that gets flung out or dribbled over the edge, it doesn't absorb into my closet floor.

I also use catbox liners.
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I have a hi-side box and use silica-based crytal litter. It's a great combination, because it doesn't require a hooded box to contain odors - since there are NO odors!
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I have 2 hooded boxes. In the future I plan on buying Littermaid. For those of you who own one, how good is it?
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