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Thank you for this awesome community!

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Hi there! I just wanted to thank the administrator(s), mods and the community as a whole for making TheCatSite.com such an incredibly fun, welcoming and useful place to be.

After two years of mourning the loss of my sweet cat Choie, I adopted a small catfamily (a mom and her two kittens) in April of this year. I'm determined to be a good mom to them, and I've been anxious about their health and welfare. (Part of my angst is that I lost my father this year too, due to an accident, so I guess the fear of losing other loved ones has made me a bit paranoid.) Anyway, the point is, I can't tell you all the times in the past few months I've found invaluable advice, not to mention comfort, humor and reassurance, on both these forums and thecatsite.com's articles.

You should be so proud for everything you've accomplished here. I run a small community (waaaaaaaaaay smaller than this!) and I know how much effort, money and time it takes to keep things fresh, lively, hospitable, troll-free and smooth-running for your members. You all do an excellent job, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and Mina, Sophie and Therblig thank you too!
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I am glad that you have found the support and the friends you needed to help you during a difficult time. There is much here in this community and like buried treasure, more riches are discovered along the way.

Good luck with your own community as well!
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I ditto Hissy. I love this site.
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So glad you found us, and that you are enjoying your time here!
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I love reading things like this. It makes me feel so grateful for everything I've found by coming here. It really is a great place, with great people & the educational aspect is wonderful.

I'm glad you like it as much as the rest of us! Hope to see you posting around here more often. Good luck with your community as well!
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