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Adopting a cat that has dandruff and past fleas??

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OK...So I went to see an 8 yr old cat today we were interested in.....After seeing her out of the cage, I noticed she had tons of dandruff....I also went thru all her records, and spoke to someone, and she was treated for fleas back in February....

We originally were thinking if we adopt it would be a younger declawed cat, but I fell for this cat...Well, after coming home I called a great vet in town, and they said the dandruff may be signs that nutrition is off etc, and that with fleas, who knows if its still a problem, since it can take months to resolve...and adopting is fine, but maybe a little challenging health wise.....


Wouldnt the fleas be resolved if they have the cat out for adoption???


All the bloodwork and everything was fine for the cat except at the same time as the fleas, it also had URI...Seems to me the cat wasnt well taken care of , but I think it was coming from a divorced couple, so I dont get it....

what are your thoughts?? ....

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Dandruff can be poor nutrition as well as dry air. My cat uses to have dandruff until I put him on a healthier diet and his due is much better

Thanks for considering adopting an older cat!
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Fleas are awfully common, if you don't want to adopt a cat who's ever had fleas you're going to have a hard time finding one tongue.gif. You can give her a Capstar an hour before bringing her home if you want to be sure no fleas make it in. Maybe apply a spot-on at the same time if you want to be totally sure. And if she comes with any soft belongings, wash them in hot water right away, or put them in the freezer.

Dandruff can be caused by not-great nutrition, or stress, or lack of grooming (cause by stress or being too fat to groom properly). I'm sure you could get it under control easily.

Stress can also make cats more susceptible to URIs, so I wouldn't assume they weren't taking good care of her. I'm sure she was stressed by the fighting and upheaval in the home frown.gif.
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Thanks Willowy...

If she was treated in Feb for fleas, are they gone now...

The woman there made it like they would never have the cat up for adoption if it had fleas..Just concerned cause of what the vet office said...

I guess, maybe when adopting its best to stop by a vet first to make sure no fleas are present...

I seriously woudl hate to bring fleas in teh house...

And I plan on the cat being indoors, and will still use a flea preventative so it shoudlnt happen again....?

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When using flea medication you need to be careful. Unless its from the vets it can be very dangerous and most vets at least here require an exam before handing out any kind of their flea medication. Flea collars and powders/sprays are also bad for cat along with flea baths. I am not an expert but from what my vet has said even indoor cats can get fleas we bring them in ourselves. If your concerned enough to want to deflea the cat I would personally book an appointment at the vets before you take the cat home for a check up and ask for them to give you flea medication. Fleas can also give worms but there are flea medications that treat worms along with 3/5 stages of fleas. Its called revolution. Here its about $10 more and well worth it. Best of luck with the possible new member smile.gif
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