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fdfx: What are these candidates?

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I am getting a cat after my first cat, Charlie died. Actually this time I want to be picky. I have seen three cats that completely caught my heart but no idea what breed are they.




Just the breed name and any other details that can be useful are hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advanced smile.gif

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Unless they have papers from a reputable breeder, they are all Domestic Short/Long hair. Since we can't tell what the personalities are from just pictures, you will have to observe them and pick the one that best suits your wants.

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And remember, sometimes it is the Cat who does the picking. 

Based on cuddly quotient criteria alone, I vote for #2 :)

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Oh my! I am glad I don't have to choose between those three. They are all gorgeous. Number two looks very sure of herself.clap.gif
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I'm biased when it comes to looks. My manx breed cat in the face and green eyes color looks like cat #3.

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Yeah, if you are looking for a snuggle-bunny, cat #2, the red and white one should be your choice. That's the look Sugar gives me when she wants atomic skritchies.

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