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Am Desperate!!!!

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I have read thru the other threads, but, seem unable to find an answer that specifically pertains to my problem. Some have slightly touched on it but, not exactly. Boots, my neutered 1 yr. old tuxedo cat has recently inexplicably started to use my bed as his litter box. This has happened 5 times. He not only urinates, but, also defecates as well. He has always shared the litter box with Lenny, my 6 yr. old spayed Himalayan. In a years time, I have never had any problems at all, until about a week and a half ago. The litter has not been changed, there has been no changes in household or anything out of the ordinary. I am going to buy a new box, even though this one is only 5 mos. old to see if that is the problem. They have a box in kitchen, one on 2nd floor, and a third one in basement. Any suggestions? Also, I keep them very clean. We love him dearly, and want to solve this because I really think of him as one of the family. Thanks. Sincerely, Renee
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I'm sorry to hear that your little one is using your bed as a litter box. It's a very frustrating to deal with (I've been there!), but with some patience it does get better. First of all, take your kitty to the Vet. It might be his way of saying something is physically wrong with him. That was the problem with one of my cats...she had a urinary tract infection. Once that was taken care, she was much better. I also found along the way (took me 6 months of figuring it all out), that she liked having her own box. So I added more boxes and I haven't had any problems since then. Honestly, I do think a Vet Check will be your best bet to start out with. Since our furry ones can't talk to us, they have to show us when something is wrong...and they usually do it in a way that we REALLY don't like.

Hope that this may help you! Please keep us posted on how the little one is doing.
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Oh..I forgot to add this....

One thing that I found that helped while I was trying to figure out what my cats problem was, I invested in a mattress cover. I got the kind that doesn't zip up around the mattress, but just lays over the top like a sheet. Every morning after I made my bed, I would put the cover over the top of the linens so if she decided to pee on my bed it wouldn't soak through. I was quite tired of washing my linens every day & this helped a lot! It's just a temperary fix, but it might help until you find out what is wrong. If you don't want to buy one (I think it cost about $5), you could use a tarp or plastic sheeting. Hope that helps! Good luck!
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Has he been vetted? That would be the first priority

Also check out this link:Pooping and Peeing
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