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Kitten Food

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I recently adopted a kitten from a rescue. Her paperwork says she's
1 year old. Looking at her, I would guess 6 maybe 7 months old tops. I have a 1 year old on Innova can now and am wondering if the new kitten can eat that also. Innova is not considered a kitten food but it's pretty hard to keep their food seperate. Any suggestions on how I can tell how old the kitten is and which food she should be eating. I'll be taking her to the vet in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!
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Congrats on your new furbaby!! You can solve the problem of keeping the food seperated by not having it out all day. If your schedual alows it, feed them while your watching or in seperate rooms to keep them from eating the wrong food. I have eight cats in an apartment (it's 900 sq. feet but that's still a LOT of cats!!)and feed three different kinds of food, (kitten, urinary tract health, and diet food)so I know what your up against! Kittens really do benefit from haveing a specially made kitten food, but if your adult cats aren't too fat already, they could probably handle eating the kitten food for a while!
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Innova dry is formulated for all life stages.... I assume the canned is also but you can check the label to find out for sure. I raised one of my kittens on the dry Innova and she did wonderful on it. If the Innova canned is formulated for all life stages you can safely feed it to a kitten as well.
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I have the same problem Zoey eats Saki's food and vice versa. It's so hard to keep it seperate. What other dry cat foods can you feed both an adult and kitten? Innova and what else? Zoey's dry food is Chicken Soup but I dont know if it has the nutrients that a kitten needs. I dont have a problem with canned, because they usually eat that right up quick so I can keep my eye on them. But I'd like to be able to leave out dry food for them to snack on without worrying who's eating who's food Zoey doesnt need to gain anymore weight. She has really filled out in the past 6 months!
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Two other really high quality foods that are for all life stages:

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance -

Solid Gold -
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I beleive someone posted before (regarding the response they got after emailing the CS company) that the Chicken Soup is okay for kittens that are 5 months old or older. I think the problem with the Chicken Soup is that its lower in calories so a young kitten would have to eat alot of it(maybe more than is physical possible) to meet its nutritional needs. How old is Saki?
Some other brands are Felidae & Healthwise.
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To be honest, I'd like to get them both off soft and only feed them hard. I'm mixing the 2 together but they won't eat hard by itself. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make that shift I would really appreciate it. The new one acts like she is literally starving. She tries to climb my pant leg when I'm mixing her food.
I know she's not that hungry because sometimes she doesn't finish her food. Is there a reason she's acting like this?
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You can try slowly decreasing the amount of canned food your mixing in and hopefully they will adjust and start eating the dry. Maybe someone else will have other suggestions.
As far as the starving one...how many meals do you feed per day? When I tried feeding mine 2 meals per day rather than free feeding they were all miserable and acting like they were starving constantly. They seem to prefer to eat many, small meals rather than two larger ones so I went back to free feeding but now I measure out their food.
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I feed her when we first get up in the am (of course she's starving) soft/hard mixed and when I get home soft/hard mixed. I leave some in their bowls before I leave for during the day. They also have hard 24/7 which they hardly ever touch. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night she always acts like she's starving. She's a begger. She begs when she has food in her bowl. I can't leave anything on the table or counter because she will eat it. I can always tell when she's been into something - she licks the plate clean - not one speck of food left on the plate. She always has hard food out but won't eat it. I've tried 4 different kinds of hard won't touch any of them. now I'm giving her chicken soup mixed in with her Innova and she getting it down grudgingly
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