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New Member with 11 Wonderful Kitties

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I'm Sid the Cat Man and I would like to introduce myself and my 11 Wonderful Kitties. They have all been adopted from Orphans of the Storm animal shelter.

They are King Arthur, Blu, Babe, Max, Smoki, Ice Man, Belle, Indy Jones, Majik, Neko and Buni. They range in age from 3 years to 13. All of us live in a new 3 bedroom, 2 bath house that is set up for the Kitties comfort and enjoyment.

We are happy to be here and hope to meet a lot of kitty friends.
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WOW...WOW...and WOW!

Sid you have a great site and a great house!! i cant believe your cats have their OWN ROOM... i love your all your kitties.
the platforms are fantastic!

welcome to the cat site...
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Hi Sid!

And hello to your 11 cats. What a wonderful home you've made for your furbabes-I'm still trying to make my apartment home for just one! Welcome to The Cat Site, and I hope you find many furfriends here!
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Sid welcome!

Your cats are beautiful- thank you for rescuing them. You are more than welcome to list your website on our sister site www.meowhoo.com

Your cats are lucky you found them!
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Welcome to TSC, Sid!!
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Welcome to this wonderfull site of fun and info , I hope you enjoy your stay .

WOW I like your site , it looks great
your kitties are gorgeous .
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The Kitties and I Thank You for all the kind words.

PurrfectCatLove: Wow, are all 16 Kitties really yours!! They must be a handful, cause I know my 11 are.

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Welcome Sid! Your cats and your house are all wonderful! I hope you enjoy this little piece of the internet called The Cat Site.
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Sid , I have 18 indoors cat and 5 outdoors cat and also 3 dogs . They just don't fid all in my sigi
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Hi Sid WOW! you have a great website Just wanted to tell all of your guys and gals and you too Welcome!
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Welcome, Sid and kitties!

Love your website!!!!!
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Wecome Sid and all your beautiful cats. What a great job you've done! People think I'm crazy to have 9 persians, 5 of them rescued. I am going to refer them to your site!
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welcome, I have my hands full with two, but it appears as thought they have a GREAT home with lots of love, what more could a kitty ask for.
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Welcome Sid. I LOVE your website. All of your cats are so beautiful. I wish there were more men out there, like you.
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Welcome Sid and all those fab felines. Looked at your site, absolutely bril - one question though, where do you sit???????
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Hi and welcome to TCS Sid and to all of your kitties.
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Hello & welcome to the site for you and all 13 kitties!
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Hi Everyone,

The Kitties and I want to Thank everyone for the warm Welcome and all the kind words.

Krissi: A lot of people think I'm crazy too, but I'm just crazy about my Kitties. I thought I was close to the top of the list with my 11 Kitties, but there are many people with more Kitties than me.

Matty and Suma: The 11 Kitties ARE DEFINITELY a handful. It's like having 11 kids.

HopeHacker: What is it about men? Don't they like Kitties, altho I have met quite a few that do or is it not manly to admit to it? Anyways, who cares. I love my Kitties!! ...and will be the first to admit it.

tulip2454: Luckily the Kitties allow me to sit at my computer, where I spend most of my time, and my regular desk [same chair]. Outside of that and my 1/3 of the bed, that's about all the room I'm allowed. lol

SkyKitty: Unfortunately I only have 11 Kitties. I wish I could have more, but I'm pretty much maxed out on the time to care for all of them. I think I have more room, tho.

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Hi Si! I will need to take the time to visit yor site (sounds wonderful). I love to see people in the double didgits (of cats)
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome.I love your site,too.You have some beautiful kitties.

I have 8 inside and 4 outside.They can be quite a handful sometimes,but I wouldn't take anything for any of them.
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Welcome to TCS! You have some gorgeous kitties! Hope you like it here!
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Excellent site...beautiful cats...wonderful savior to kitties!

Welcome aboard!

Helpful Hint from Spastic Kitty to Boo
"The hours between 2 & 4 AM are the best times to run madly through the house leaping off beds (preferrably one with a person sleeping in it)for better trajectory when launching oneself across the room!"
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Hi Sid!! Welcome!

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Wow, It's great being here. Thanks.

Smoki says Hi to Zoey and Saki. Zoey sure has some funny expressions!

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WOW! Just got thru visiting your web site. I think I spent 2 hrs there. Gosh, how long did it take you to build?

You are great to do all that for your kitties.
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Welcome Sid
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Hello Sid. Wow, I have to say, I can not believe there is actually another man on this site Actaully, my name is John, but my wife and I use this name after our Bobcat. One thing I really like about being here, is the fact that I no longer feel like I am the one with so many cats. We have 8, but after being here for a while, I see there are a lot of people that have more than us. Nothing wrong with that, we love our babies
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Hi John,

I love the pictures of Amber!!
Yup, you're right, there aren't too many of us guys around here or on any of the Cat Boards. Why is that??
I guess it really doesn't matter, since most of the posts are about our kitties and it doesn't matter if you are a guy or a gal, just a cat lover. Before coming here, I used to think that I was close to the top of the list with my 11 Kitties, but I found out different. There are quite a few people with more Kitties than me and I don't know how they keep up with all of them. My 11 are more than 2 handfuls worth!! I'm pretty much at my max limit in being able to properly care for all of them and give them all the attention they demand. I guess there won't be a 12th. Besides, it would ruin my Xmas photo sheet layout. The 11 Kitties and I fit perfectly right now...
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