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2 week old abandoned kitten HELP

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I have taken in a 2 week old kitten that lost its mom. I have KMR and a bottle. He will take it but it only seems like he drinks for a few seconds and then won't have anything to do with it. Also I can make him pee but it has been 2days and no poop. What can I do??
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I called th ER vet for advice and they were very helpful! She said that I could give him a half mil enema of just warm water. I did it amd a pea size amount of poop came out. its a start! I also went out and got a digital scale and some dawn dish liquid. He has a few fleas and I don't want for them to get worse so I'm gonna bath him. I have one of those vomit tubs from the hospital that will work great and hopefully the warm water will help him poop as well. Fingers crossed!!
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Update!! He had a dawn soap bath and got rid of his fleas. Still wouldnt poop after the warm water so I dried him and let him sleep in his box. He woke up whiny so I fed him and as he fell into his milk coma I massaged him all over and mostly his tummy and bottom and he pooped! Not very much but it's a start!
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Thanks for rescuing this baby!! Because the formula doesn't have much consistancy you may find that it could be a day or so without pooping this is normal I would start worrying when its been a few days with nothing. Make sure that the kitten has a hot water bottle or heating pad in with him as kittens this young cant regulate their body tempature. I would feed him every 2 hours of the KMR formula. Good luck with him. Sounds like your doing an amazing job so far.

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Thanks so much!! Has pooped twice!! I was so excited lol my husband thought I was crazy
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having bottle feed kittens I no all about the pooping bliss your talking about clap.gif

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Same here LOL!!!

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He is doing great! Very alert and actually playful! He rolls over to his back and puts his paws together like he is praying! It's so cute smile.gif he has starting digging with his little paws and he got my face pretty good. Why is he doing this?
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he has starting digging with his little paws and he got my face pretty good. Why is he doing this?

Your kitten is digging with his paws because that is what he would have done to his mother's fur if he were still with her. It's called "kneading" and this is what kittens do when the mother is feeding them. It's very much a comfort thing and a kitten who has lost his mother will knead on many things as he gets older, such as soft blankets, etc.
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No it's not kneading. He does that as well but when I go to feed him he is scratching like he is trying to dig or claw his way "out" of something
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Is it when you feed him the bottle? All mine did this also its normal they are just so eager to eat. One of my kittens clawed so hard he got the top off the bottle and formula was everywhere. He will stop once you start weening him in a few weeks. I start the weening process at about 4 1/2 weeks by 6 weeks mine are completely on wet food.

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It is when ever he smells his milk. He goes crazy and my hands are all scratched up. He seems to be thriving and he even had a big poop last night!! It was pretty firm tho so I'm hoping it cleaned him out!! The first few days I would have to wake him up between 2-3 hours and now it seems like he is crying by 2.5 lol I'm thinking growth spurt haha
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So Loki went to the vet today for a wellness check. He is not a he but a she!! Gonna have to break the habit of calling her a him lol The vet said she is amazing. She weighed 7.68 ozs and he gave me some great advice to cut down on the scratching a feeding time. Just gently grab her on the back of the check like mom would do. I tried it and it worked great! A peaceful feeding for the both of us. She goes back Aug 30 for her feline leukemia and aids test, first shots, and 2nd dewormer.clap.gif
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^So glad Loki is doing well. Is that her in your avatar? So tiny.
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Yes that's her snuggling with her daddy rbheart.gif she is like half a pound
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^Daddy's little girl.
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So I have read that kittens should gain about a half oz per day. Is that right? If so, Loki was 7.68 yesterday at the vet and today she is only 7.8. A difference in scale or not gaining enough?? If it makes a difference she pooped before she went and she pooped before I weighed her this evening.
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   They should gain at least 10 grams a day which is about 1/3 ounce.   Ideally, yes,  it is even  better if they gain half an ounce per day. 

But it is not a huge  deal if  there are some individual days in which she gains less than 10 grams.  You don't want to see that continue for several days.   but it's pretty normal that one day she might gain only a few grams,  then maybe the next day gains 20 grams!    It is the mean daily weight gain  that is most important.     You want to see an average gain of an ounce every 2 or 3 days.   


Yes it is possible it might  be some slight difference in the scale.   Also most scales are not exact to more than a couple grams.  And it also could be that she pooped an extra amount before you weighed her this evening.   

  I would not worry if she otherwise seems fine.   Hopefully  tomorrow she will have a better gain.   :) 

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She is doing very well other than that. She is however grabbing my hand and scratching very intensely. I have to literally peel her off and she will go right back. I grab her by her scruff like moa would but she won't stop
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I am frustrated this morning. The scratching of my hand is constant now. To feed her I have to wrap her up so her feet cant get out. Any idea on why this is happening? The vet said she is fine... 

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She is fine, I have found all bottle kittens do this. I think it looks kinda like when they fight their siblings for a nipple. You are not really going to be able to stop this behavior and I know it can be frustrating, especially with your hand getting torn up every few hours. My suggestion to save your hand would be to wear a glove, just one of the cheap cotton ones you wear in winter would work fine. That way you are not battling her making her frustrated too, and your hand will be safe from tiny sharp claws.
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She is however grabbing my hand and scratching very intensely.

You have to buy a small spray bottle and fill it with water. When she does something very naughty, just spray a tiny bit of water in her face. The naughty activity will immediately stop. You will need the spray bottle eventually anyway. We find it to be very effective to keep our cats off the kitchen table, counters, etc. We don't even have to spray the water now; just seeing the bottle is a sufficient deterrent.

Someone will come on her and say it is cruel to spritz with water, but I completely disagree. It does them no harm and I know of no other way to curb unwelcome behavior.
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Primula, while your intentions are good, I have to completely disagree with using a squirt bottle on a two week old kitten! She is not doing anything behaviorally wrong, it is instinctual and would be exhibiting the same behavior nursing from mom. The only thing I see from squirting this kitten when she is doing this is causing issues with her and the bottle, and that is the last thing anyone wants to happen. I am not even sure if she would comprehend what she is even being squirted for at this young age. She is still equivalent to a human infant, and I doubt you would punish an infant for something.
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^If you read my post properly. I was not referring to the time when the kitten is feeding from the bottle (although she scratches then also). I was referring to the time when the kitten spontaneously scratches the poster's hands.

Comparing a newborn kitten to a newborn infant is absurd. We diaper infants; we don't diaper kittens.

Another good thing the poster could do when the kitten scratches her hand (but not when she is feeding) is to immediately give her a toy to play with. When my youngest cat was 8 weeks old, she was very alarming with her biting of my hands. Once I started giving her a play toy at that time, she eventually lost interest in my hands.

The spray bottle has worked perfectly with my cats and they were not scarred by it. I stick with my advice.
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I don't believe the op was referring to times outside the bottle. She is more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

Kittens this young are survival driven, they eat, sleep and poop. Very much like a human baby. They are not exhibiting behavior that is anything more than instinct and survival, which is why I don't agree with punishing. You mention curbing unwanted behavior from your 8 week old. Perfect after the kitten is about 4 weeks old they start to explore and play, this is an important time for learning. Giving the kitten a toy is not a bad idea, once the kitten is a little older. smile.gif On another note, with my single orphans I have given them a stuffed toy for comfort in their bed. As they get older and are exploring what their mouths and limbs can do they bite and bat at it like they would with their mom and siblings. At this age I just have to disagree that the kitten is doing anything intentionally where it could be taught not to do it. Hopefully looking at the way a kitten grows and develops at this age will give you some insight into where I am coming from. smile.gif
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^As I said earlier, I stick with my advice. She can take it or she can leave it. We're here to offer options.

You can have the last word if you want it.
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Primula,     there is a major difference between the behavior of a 2 week old kitten and an 8 week old kitten.  Distracting with a toy would be great advice  for dealing with an 8 week old kitten who is playing too rough and scratching your hand.    A 2 to 3 week old kitten does not  even play with toys yet ,  so you can't distract her that way.   
  and I do not think this 2 week old  kitten should  be sprayed in the face.   It would not accomplish much but making the kitten frightened and probably she would scratch harder in panic. 
lokisnewmom,    I would just do the gloves,  and  keep trying holding her still by the scruff.  
  You could maybe try to spend more time every day holding her - wrapped in a towel!   just in case some of her reaction is fear .   But if you're already doing that a lot and she normally is relaxed with you  , it is probably just being a very enthusiastic eater.   You should see them punching out their littermates with both little paws while they are fighting for a nipple . 
 You might want to try to wean her as early as you can.     Some kittens are able to start lapping  the formula or formula mixed with wet kitten food,  even as young as 3 weeks .   ( Did the vet agree on your estimate of the age?   If so , she must be almost 3 weeks now.  )
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He said like 11 days to 2 weeks... Give or take a few fays on the +/- of 2 wks. I am concerned a little concerned now about he weight. She weighed 187 grams on 7/28 and today after 5 days she is only 226 grams. A gain of only about 40 grams. She eats all the time at least every 2 hours sometimes a little more or less. For 5 days is that ok?? I stress easily over things! She seems to be doing well but I know that there could still be something wrong.
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Don't know about the weight gain but a suggestion about scratching - after feeding and pooping when kitten is asleep and practically comatose could you clip the tips of her claws - perhaps with a human baby nail scissor.


I also would not be spraying water in her face.

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I would never spray her. That is absurd and she doesn't know any better. She isn't even 3 wks old. I have however taken a few precautions in regards to her weight. We live in a furnished basement and it stays kind of cold down here so I have shut the vents and started covering her box with a towel. Heating pad is on low but unfortunately it has an automatic shut off after 1 hour. She does have 2 rice buddies and a small teddy bear that I hope help her stay warm when it cuts off. The longest it stays off is 1-2 hours at any given time. I turn it back in immediately when I see it off. Maybe she is using to much energy due to it being a little cooler than normal?! She is eating very well but only gaining 4-6 grams a day. As far as her nails, they will be clipped when the hubby is home to help hold her. She is so strong and I don't want to hurt her if she waked up. Thanks everyone for all of the great advice so far.
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