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Disturbing website....

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I was surfing around the net looking up different kitten things as I absolutely adore kittens of all types... (but thats a no brainer.. I mean.. I'm here at TCS aren't I?) I found a very disturbing website that brought tears to my eyes. A few hours later when Craig was home from work.. I showed him.

This site was about "Bonsai Kittens". Has anyone ever heard of this?!?! On the site they say its an oriental practice. I say its cruel. They take these kittens and stuff them in different shaped jars. They ventilate the jars and put a feeding tube in the kitten. Apparently you keep the kitten like that for a certain amount of time.. then take him out and he will permanently be in the shape of whatever the jar was. I was outraged to find this site.. and read some of the emails that they have gotten.

After showing Craig.. he was also very very disturbed and did a little more research. (He is a computer guru) Soon after he found another site.. this was like an animal cruelity site or something.. and apparently they had heard many many things about this "Bonsai Kitten" site. They say that this is a total fraud and that the site was simply put up to cause an outrage and effect the many people like us out there that care about animals.

THAT just added to my outrage. How sad is that?? That someone would put something like that up just to make people mad and cause problems? Isn't it bad enough that real things like this happen on a daily basis?

Has anyone else ever heard of this Bonsai Kitten stuff? Or any of this that I have been talking about? The person that has that site up and going should be shot for having such a sick sense of humor. Or at least institutionalized (sp its too early!) for the rest of his life. I fear that if he can do this to make people mad/sad/etc then what will he do next?

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I have seen this on another forum. It is not real and is a prank done by college students from what I have been told. It is discusting and what worries me i someone out there might think it is for real and actually try it. I think it takes a sick mind to even think it up in the first place.
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Well.. I am thankful that it is not a real process.. however like you Elinor, I still worry. Not only about people actually trying this... but about the minds that put this together... they are truly sick and people like that shouldn't be allowed to live an oridnary life.. they need to be under intense psychiatric (sp) care. What is our world coming to?

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You can read all about it on this site, just scroll down to the bottom (it goes alphabetically) to bonsai kitten

bonsia kitten
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I have also heard of this site but have not been there. And I doubt that I will go there. I just couldn't stand seeing something like that and would have nightmares for weeks. Anyone that could even come up with something like this is one sick a$$hole.
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Here's what you can do to help eliminate this sick joke and other websites like it.

Sign the "Stop Bonsai Kitten Petition"

View Signatures

Your e-mail address will remain confidential and will not be shared, sold or revealed to any outside party. You will not receive unsolicited e-mails from us or anyone else as a result of signing this petitions - by: Hugs for Homeless Animals.org
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I've seen this site and went hysterical! I was jumping up and down/hopping mad, cursing and screaming at the pc! Socs and Tiger thought I'd gone insane! It is deeply worrisome that people are so heartless that they would even "joke" about such things! It's disgusting!

I swear, if I EVER saw anyone doing anything, to any animal, I would slaughter them in half a second!
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I just received an email on this site. I'm at least relieved to find out it's not true. I was horrified looking at the site. It still is pretty disturbing though that someone would go through all that trouble just to tick people off. And to think that people could really be trying this at home is really sick.
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This is quite an old fraud ! I first read it on february in a Turkish newspaper (online). But a few days later it's fake was understood! The site was banned & got ridden of all the search engines but they finally found thmeselves a place to show their illness!
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I think the best thing to do is ignore it. Losers like that get off on the attention.
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Oh yes, I highly agree with ignoring it.
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Listen up everybody,

It has been determined that the bonsai kitties website is a HOAX!!! Here is a link to read to prove it.


The police and FBI have been looking into it. It seems that some college kits started the website. Everytime they've been caught they've been shutdown only to start up another website.

So don't get your knickers in a tussle. It's a H O A X!!

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thanks Donna for clearing that up!

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