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My 3 furgirls

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Here are Lucky, Charm (on the cat tree) and Kitty on the chair.
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How cute!
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Sweet Pic Sandi!
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Did you ever think Lucky would be hanging out like that with your other cats? lol so cute...
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Originally posted by Sandi
Here are Lucky, Charm (on the cat tree) and Kitty on the chair.
You have a cat named Kitty? That's so darn cute!
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Sandi what pretty girls you have!
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awwww how cute
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go girls!
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What a great pic! It's so nice to see Lucky has settled in to your household.
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Purrty kitties
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Thanks all!

Yep, Hydroaxe - Kitty ended up with her name as she was a stray 17+ years ago and that was the only thing she'd answer to - so she pretty much named herself.

And - Sicy - to answer your question...yes and no. I had such great hopes of Lucky hanging out with the family, but at times wondered if it'd ever happen. I think when we got Charm - it really brought Lucky out of her shell (as Kitty still isn't too thrilled to have these other 2 feline creatures around). But I'm soooo happy she's so friendly now. She'll still get a bit edgy from time to time, but it's shortlived and she gets back into the swing of things. She also enjoys laying in our laps - but only for a few minutes and then she'll go away for a second and be right back - it's like she doesn't want to "give in" to us humans too much.
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