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Cool Photo

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Hope this works - it's a real neat photo.
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That is a good photo. Shows even at war, they still have a heart
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That picture makes me smile and want to cry. It is so sweet, but I want to find the kitty and bring him home so he is safe. Must be what people who have loved ones over there feel like.
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being a veteran myself, I love that pic, says a lot
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The look of compassion on that soldier's face is so touching.
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Great photo Just think what that one little touch did for the solider and the kitten also. Makes you really sad and happy at the same time.
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It kind of restores your confidence in human nature does it not. I a world that is filled with turmoil, hatred and wars base on religious grounds, land or what ever, an act of kindness comes through. A beautiful photo.

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I couldn't have said it better myself you guys. Each of your comments really sized up the feelings behind that photo. When I had received it in an email - I had to share it. I wanted to go and get that kitty as well, Luv those Paws. Plus, I hope that soldier gets to come home soon as well. It just really makes a person think, doesn't it? And, Kev - you really put it all in perspective with your post. Right on. Glad you all enjoy the pic as much as I do.
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