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Healing thoughts for Oscar please!

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The little red kitten (Little Oscar) that showed up on my doorstep 2 weeks ago has been living inside getting back to health, came down with diarrhea and vomiting last night. Brought him into the vet this morning and they found the coccidia parasite. Caught it early enough that he hasn't dehydrated, but poor little guy has to be isolated entirely and on meds for 10 days.

At about 7 weeks old, this guy has been snatched from his mother, linked up with 2 other kittens, dumped on my back stoop, scared outside for close to a week before I caught him, stabbed for bloodwork, brought inside a strange house, got diarrhea and vomiting, had another trip to the vet, now he is locked in my last spare room in the house. He's been a little snuggler and purr-muffin in spite of all of this!

Whew! Please send healing and happy thoughts for my Little Oscar! This kid has been through a lot in his short life!!
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poor baby oscar! i hope he gets better soon :angel2:
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I will say a prayer for Oscar
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Hope he gets better soon.
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Get well Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!
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Get better soon Oscar, tough little baby.
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Be strong little Oscar! You've had a hard road so far but you've come to a safe haven. Give your mom a reason to smile by getting well soon.

Big hugs to you too, Momofmany!
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my best to Oscar, sounds like he is in the right place for love and help.
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happy healing thoughts little toughie!
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Thanks all! My husband and I went out (on a date) for a couple hours last night and when we got home, he was screaming at the top of his little lungs for us to come and give him some loving. Hubby spent the night with him and he settled down.....slept near his face all night! He is such a sweet little kitten and one of the toughest little guys I've come across.
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Oscar's a cutie . Get well soon .
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I know how it is to have a sick kitten. You and Oscar will be in my thoughts. Get better little guy!
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Get better Oscar!

He has such an endearing face!
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Healing vibes for Oscar.
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The board magic is working!! woohoo!!!! He didn't vomit at all today and his poops are once again solid. He was romping and playing full steam this evening.

Not out of the woods yet - the coccidia parasite has gotten very hardy and albon no longer works on many cases around here. It can reoccur and hit again for 30 days.
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Glad to hear Oscar is feeling a bit better today!

I hope he makes a quick and complete recovery.
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