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I am wanting to buy some house plants for the home, but want to get some that are cat friendly, can't hurt them, but do not know what to get?? I am not planning on feeding them to my kitties by any means, but as we are all aware, it is their world. So if by chance they get ahold of one, I do not want it too hurt them. You guys have ideas on what I can get? thanks
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Spider plants are very hardy and non-toxic.
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Here is a link to poisonous and non-poisonous plants list.
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For the plants you do choose, you can get bitter apple spray for plants at the pet store & spray it on them - it tastes really bad to the cats, so they won't usually take more than one bite. You do need to reapply it every now & then, though.
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I kill plants
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Sicy, I kill plants too. But I've actually managed to keep my Spider Plant alive for like 3 years. They are like the Terminator...it takes a lot to kill them!
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We usually have a pot of catnip, growing in the house. The cats just help themselves. We buy it in little pots, at Petsmart and repot it into a big pot, that they can't turn over.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I kill plants
Sicy I can beat you on this one.... I not only kill plants but I kill silk or plastic plants.
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