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Some Animals...

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Ok, some dogs are great, but apparently this one should be put down or something...read these two links in order please, so you don't get confused. My husband showed it to me...I want your opinions, PLEASE! This traumatized me, and that girl and her family!!


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As much as I hate to say it, the whole thing is the girlfriend's fault. Akitas are what they are, and they are generally NOT going to get along with cats - they are hunting dogs and have a strong prey instinct built in. Perhaps it could have learned to get along with a cat, but just dropping a kitten in the house without separating them was basically giving the dog a free lunch. He specifically told the girlfriend not to bring a cat home, she obviously knows the dog. She's obviously an idiot if she thought the result would be anything other than what it was.

RIP kitten, I hope it was fast.
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This is a bit too 'heavy'for the lounge I think. I'm going to put it into SOS for anyone who wants to read it.
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that dog should NOT be put to sleep! It is completly the girlfriends fault. That is JUST like putting a hamster in the house with a cat. The cat will see it as prey! Certain animals do not get along. Those dogs are wonderful pets and very protective but in general they should not be put with cats. That is why my chowchow and my lab/pitbull are outside dogs. On top of that even if it was two cats you should never just through them in a room together with out introducing them properly! RIP little kitty.
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I agree with Heidi, it's all the girlfriend's fault. He specifically told her not to bring a cat into his house because of his dog, and she should have listened.

But I really don't understand why he needed to call in a biohazardous waste company. Couldn't he have just dealt with the mess himself even if it was gross?

I just hope that it happened really fast and that poor little kitty didn't suffer horribly.
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I agree with you, but what if he ended up getting in the bathroom with the girl's mother and chewed her arm off? Would you just say, "No, bad dog!"? I wouldn't want a dog like that around my kids either. In that case, yes...the girl was completely stupid in bringing the poor kitten in the house without consulting her bf first. But, it is also scary what else this dog can do.
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the dog has never hurt a person though. My cat would do that to a hamster, my lab would do that to a rabbit, but they would never hurt a person.
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Here's a quote from the first link: "My dog does not socialize well. He never has, and never will. He is very aware of new people and things and wants to protect his own by nature."

There were a lot of new people in the house, plus there was a lot of blood. It also sounded like the house was in complete chaos with people screaming and running, and the dog's instincts were triggered. I don't know a lot about Akitas, but maybe this one reacted much more intensely than normal because of the circumstances?????

BTW, I think anyone thinking about getting a dog, especially people with young children or with other pets of a different species, should carefully research dog breeds and personalities before they actually bring a dog into their home.
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I think the girlfriend had no right to bring a cat in her boyfriends place . It was not her place , so she needet to accept his wish . So I blame her for the death of the poor kitten ,RIP little one .
Then the parents just trop in with out asking if they could go insite . My dog would have atact them too , thats a dogs job . A dog is there to protect you and thats what his dog was trying to do . I am glad he went to see a laywer (sp) , it may get ugly for him . I do feel for him ...... that is really sad
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I feel really sorry for the dog. I feel SOOO safe outside with nanook and misty. They are both on super long runners so they cant get lose BUT I do know that they are good gaurd dogs. one time the meter man walked alittle to close to me when I was playing catch with nanook and nanook stopped sat right in front me and growled and showed his teeth to the guy. I'm almost postive that if someone were to come after me they would break lose and attact them. That is there breed coming out in them. It doesn't make them bad dogs.
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The whole situation is unfortanate but a dog like that with an owner like that is a liability imo. I think it's fine to have dogs like that as long as you realize that no matter how well you "know" your dogs....you never really know.
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There is a hugh difference between a Kitten and a person as far as this situation goes. As some people on here know I am very educated in dog behavior. it comes from years of being around dogs and training them and the fact that my father is a nationally known police K-9 Dog trainer. Trained in Germany himself. The reason the Dog attacked the kitten is....PRAY. something small furry and moving. the reason most dogs bite humans is

A. Guarding-they are gaurding thier property,owner,themselves. this also includes children children sometimes do things that Threaten the dog causeing his NATURAL instincts to kick in.

B. Stupid owners i.e. the guys who specifically train their dogs to attach on command for no reason but pure entertainment, Dog fighting dogs (pit bulls were bread for that sole reason).

Thus in my opinon the dog was only doing what comes natuarlly. And only if it were a human do I think the dog should be put down (even though I feel that all dogs can be turned into "normal" pets) But going with what socioty finds reasonable that is the only time a dog should be put down for biting. The girlfriend is totally responsable for what had happened. The dog was innocent as was his Owner.
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