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New Ivo pics

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Finally got two rolls of film that were lying around developed (I'm still in the stone age when it comes to pics). I was only able to download two pics to Imagestation last night, but was too excited not to share.

My bedroom windows face east, so I get really great morning sunlight. I've been trying to get a nice picture of Ivo in this light, and finally succeeded (and yes, I don't make my bed )

How does she sleep like this?

I'll post more later when I get home!
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They do pick the strangest positions to sleep in. Ivo is so cute! I'm glad we're going to get to see more pictures of her.
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What a sweet baby! My kitty sleeps in WEIRD positions as well. (=
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Looks like she's lovin' that sunlight! What a pretty girl.
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great pics, sometimes you look at your cats and think.'christ that has to hurt' but they sleep soundly...
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lol! Oh she's so cute!! I love the one where she's lying in the sun. I wish I had some sun for my kitties to lie in

I dont make my bed either......
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Oh I love that picture of him hanging out both ends of the tunnel!
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Ivo!!! Awww
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More pics....

Afternoon sunbathing

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Relaxing in the hallway

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My pretty girl

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Heidi, when are we going to see new Trent and Ophelia pics? Hint, hint!
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ack Ivo is a girl! sorry

She's really beautiful.. I love b&w cats
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Originally posted by okeefecl
My pretty girl

What a cutie... all cozy in her little tunnel.
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she is sooooo cute and a pretty girl . The one pic where she lay in the tunnel and half was hanging out is to funny
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shes a cutie pie !!! but I think she is hinting, in her own feliny way, she wants a bigger tunnel! That pic is great btw...
I love it when cats lay in the sun. it makes them look like angels :angel4:
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Originally posted by Sicycat
ack Ivo is a girl! sorry

She's really beautiful.. I love b&w cats
It's OK...Ivo is a boy's name. It's a rather long involved story how she got her name, but it really fits. There is a Saint Ivo in the Catholic church who is the saint of orphaned and abandoned children. And since Ivo was a stray, it really fits...I guess Saint Ivo is her patron saint
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OMG you mean people actually make their bedsjk I never do either because when I do there is always 3 lumps in the bed anyway from the purr kids and their buddy Ceasar Ivo is a beautiful cat I just love the sunshine pics:
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I love Ivo! We should see Ivo pics more often!

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Hey Christy, Ivo's a read doll. I don't think I've seen pics of her before.

And I think her patron saint's name suits her down to the ground.
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Beautiful, I love pictures of kitties lying in the sunlight! I know what you mean about cats sleeping in the strangest places/positions. Out of all the soft places in the house my female, Bunnie, has now taken to sleeping on the printer!
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Ivo :
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Oh Christy, I'm so glad you posted new pics of Ivo! She's gorgeous! But of course, I'm biased towards black & white kitties....

That one of her sleeping "in" her tube with limbs hanging everywhere is just too funny. She obviousy is a loved, happy, relaxed little girl who loves her home.

And Heidi, uh-hem, I agree with Christy. We need new pics of those gorgeous kitties of yours.
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Originally posted by okeefecl
My pretty girl

She certainly is a beauty!!

When can we see new pics of Ivo????
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Awww! I love the second one in the first post with her sleeping in her tunnel top with her leg hanging out! Soo cute!
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awwww she's a honey
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