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new to site and knee deep in rescues(long story)

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Hi I just found this site and all the great information that comes with exooperience from all on this site. I am disable d and have recently had to stop working because of my disablity. I am in the middle of a rescue of 40 plus cats in a feral colony iI found Dec 26 of 2002. When I found the colony living in a parking lot behind a mall I was horrified. They were struggling for life before my eyes and what could I do. I have slowly had to decrease my hours at work in the past few years. I did feed them that day but went home not knowing what I could do. I had a friend fix me up a computer and off I went I emailed all Connecticut rescues but and even some national rescue for help. I need assistance I new to start right away altering before the spring and seeing it get totaly out of hand. I found the friendlier ones an dfound them homes. I got repsponse from handful; offering me a few vouchers for spay and neutering from a mabile unit that charges $57. including shots. A national org sent me 14 wonderful voucher and iI myself scaped up enough do to two a motnth myself. I ended up bringing 4 moms tobe a wonderful rescue took all kittens aletering them and carefully screening for their adoptions. I only had 4 litters in the colony and traped all successfully. Then I ran into three problem a few monnths ago I had to stop working( I was providing food for over 60 cats) Cyotes have moved in because of developing and my colony is falling prey to them and I do not have time on my side. I am tryinf desperetly to get materials needed. I even have the carpenters union to build what ever is needed when I get the materials when..., They are moving towards the highway and busy stret were the traffic is a major danger to them and 3rd I am unable to put up any kind of shelter for them What I have put up is either destroy or taken down by the property owning when they cut the grass even as good as I hids themWhich can't be to far in because of the cyotes. I have joined with a rescue call Pet Pals NE Inc in hopes to get donations from area stores for food and building material for a fence and shelter. I have my own property and have decided to offerit to the cats as they need to be relocated. I have been in contact with ally cat allies and other org helping me with information on proper relocation guidlines. I have even been donated a course in TNR I have successfully completed. It is a battle but I am all they have. The cost of food is over wheling but with in reach. An local vet. donates expiring food. My org helps when able and donations come in. I am in the process of fund raising for a freindly fence from the same named company along with a small shed to convert into a shelter. I contaced recently area stores in hopes they will respond with expiring damaged items from my wishlist. The area rescue have many colonies in this area and most only work in a ertain region of CT. leaving only 2 in the whole of SE CT. with a waiting list as long as my arm to help people and no avaiable stops at barns etc. but I am on the list for the next barn typs homes. But many of the cats I have brought in now and have worked with to the point of them living comfortably in the house un=sing litter boxs and eargerly coming to feeding time. All have been kept with their so called best friends as I have found them teamed toegther in the colony. All but 10 have been altered and they are male and the ones that make iot to my colony which has really slowed down but a few do showup and are welcome to the rescue. I hope to starty contacting businesses, land owners garden nurseries and people interested in adopting a rescue to start a list for the cats to find appropriate homes. I will socializeas many as possible and make a home to the ons to tramatized by their experiences. I hope to assist area rescues and rescuers one day when they come into the same situation when they must move a colony that is in an unsafe area and fundraise to provide friendly fence to property owners who would offertheir land to a caretaker. Well this is where I am in my rescue nd I am sure many like me are in the same process. It is unfortunite but true many people see cats s care for your self pets and leave may behind where they do not know how to care for themselves and slowly die and live miserable lifes untill they are taken to haven where all the pain will end. It is a terrible unfair life many have to lead and I will stand up and rscue as many as god will see fit. I will start with finding a way get my temp sanctuary and work from there... I thought all doing the same thing as i would like to know they re nopt alone as I am sure you all know any way Take care god has put us un this earth to save the ones we can and others yes others will folllow in our foot step hopefully we will make a differece and educate many and stop the suffering of mny more.... melinda
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Welcome to the site Melinda! What an angel you are, doing so much for the unwanteds of your area. I'm so glad you were able to get in contact with some helpful organizations, and I hope that the businesses will help you out with the items on your wish list.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Feral Colonies forum, where you can find much support and brainstorming and many ears to listen to you - to share in the ups and downs of feral rescue work.
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Hi welcome to the site. You have already earned angel wings for helping so many of the unwanted kitties in your area. Bless you for that
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Welcome to this site .
Wow it was great to read what you all do . You must be a special angel for the homeless cats . I hope and pray you will find all the suport you need from all kinds of differend people and businesses .God bless you
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Hello and welcome to TCS. What an you are to all the homeless kitties out there. Bless you.
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Hello & welcome to the site! Melinda you have done a wonderful job of helping those ferrals and homeless kitties! Keep up the great work!
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Welcome to TCS!
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It's good to know that there are people like you in the world! Welcome!
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Welcome and Thanks for doing so much to rescue so many homeless Kitties. You are a great person with a very warm heart!

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