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HELP! My cat's flipping out!

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This morning my cat completely flipped out on my (pregnant) wife for no reason. He growled, hissed, bite & clawed her.

My biggest concern isn't for me & my wife, but for my soon-to-be-here baby. The cat has started a few odd habits lately, mainly sleeping in the nursery.

We saw him go through his curiosity phase by checking the room out, but we are not sure why he's sleeping in there all the time now. And my biggest fear is that he might get territorial with that room.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,

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Most likely your wife's scent has changed due to her preganacy. Your cat probably flipped out because he viewed her as an intruder. It won't be long before the cat will get used to her changes in scent.

Regarding the nursery....if the crib isn't yet set up, go ahead and set it up now. The instant it is set up, put a sheet covered with double sided tape inside...sticky side up -- or, put in a lot of orange peels or spray heavily with citrus scented spray. Also, put a citrus scented solid room deoderizer right inside the bedroom door and another further inside the room. What you want to do is to teach the cat that the crib is an awful place to be and that the room is too smelly to even bother with! It will take only once or twice of jumping up and landing on the sticky tape for the cat to learn that he hates the crib! And, if he learns now that the nursery is to be avoided, he will stay out once the baby comes.

Continue to give your worried kitty lots of love and attention. If he gets too freaky, talk to the vet about medical solutions or consider using some Bach's Rescue Remedy (a natural calming agent).

I'm sure you will get lots of other solutions from members who have had to introduce their cats to their new babies!
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Cats can sense when something is changing or is going to change. My cat Max, who is really dependent on me, will act the same way if he knows that I'm leaving somewhere. Just recently I went camping for one night and he freaked out at me the same way your cat did to your wife. Lotsocats gave some good suggestions...I can't really help anymore but maybe try to spend some extra time with your cat, to reassure him maybe?
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I keep my daughters door closed all the time to keep my cats out. I had never thought of the sugestions above. I like them alot and will try it because I will be having another baby in September.
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