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emergency help needed

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Hello, my name is Brenda. I have a problem and need help. I moved into a house a few months ago and didn't know that it came with a cat who made herself at home in our barn. Well we decided to clean out the barn and to our suprise we found a litter of Manx kittens( no tails) We didn't know if the mother was getting enough to eat so we started putting food inside the barn for you. She was wild and nobody could get close to her. Well we found mother moved the kittens but left one little black one behind. After it was alone for over 12 hours the grandchildren brought it inside and I started feeding. A few weeks went by and we kept watch over the barn but one morning we discovered the mother cat had been hit by a car and was dead so we had to find the remaining kittens and bring them inside. I estimated their age by the one I was feeding. I feed it 7 days before the eyes opened so figured she was between 3-6 days olds when abandoned. We brough the other two inside when they were about 5 weeks old.

We brought the other two kittens inside and found these two like mother was tailless but the one she abandoned had a tail. I got them eatting on their own, trained to a litter box with little to no trouble, and had them wormed with their first shots. So far saving these little bungles of surprise has cost me over $300.00 of my S.S.

My problem is the little male kitten keeps biting and nursing on his sisters til the point he has pulled the hair in big clumps off of them. I have used the squirt bottle, told him firmly NO, and separated him and nothing has worked. I am afraid that he is really going to hurt them. At times he can be so loveable but he can turn on them in the blink of an eye.

BTW:they are all beautiful. Sammy my little bottle baby is pure black, Smokey Jo is a silver gray stripe, and Andy, my little trouble maker, is a tabby stripe. I hate to get rid of Andy but can't let this go on. HELP.

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Welcome to the site Brenda! My guess is that he is nursing on them because he was separated from Mom too young, but obviously there isn't anything you could have done differently there. I don't have experience with orphaned kittens so I'm not much help for you there. But I will move this to Behavior where our experts are more likely to see this.

Welcome to the site, and thank you for taking those little angels in an helping them have a wonderful start at life!
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Bless you for helping these poor kittens. There is an easy solution for this sad behavior. Buy a bottle of Bitter Apple and use a Q-Tip to apply a small amount to the areas where the little boy is nursing (i.e. on the girl's tummy). Don't spray the poor guy because he is simply doing this because he needs nurturing and warmth. It is a self-soothing behavior. With the Bitter Apple he will soon learn to get nurturance elsewhere.

You can buy Bitter Apple at WalMart in the dog section or at most pet supply stores.
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Thank you for the welcome. I was hopeing somebody would give me an answer because I have three granddaughters that will be devistated if we have to give Andy up. He is beautiful and by the size of his feet he will become one BIG tomcat. He is just rough with the sisters and has them crying all the time. He is not just nursing but he bites them. I wish I knew more about cats but this is all new to me.

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I have read some of M.A.'s posts about kittens who have lost their mother. She suggests getting them a snuggle kitty. Go to the "Cat Shop" above and then hit kittens and you will see a description of the snuggle kitty.
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I just wanted to Welcome you to this site
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I have no experience with orphaned baby kittens, but I wanted to say welcome to the site, and how wonderful of you to take care of these kittens!!!

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The bitter apple may help, but some kittens appear to not mind the taste. The snugglekittie would be a better bet, it offers comfort, warmth and a heartbeat just like mom does. This suckling is an involuntary response on the part of a kitten separated from mom way to early. You can't stop him from suckling, but you can redirect it, and the snugglekittie is a great way to do this-
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welcome to the site Brenda. i hope you find what you need for your kittens (especially little troublemaker ). youre a good person for helping them! youre teaching a wonderful lesson for your grandchildren also. good luck!
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We have had to place "Andy" in another home. My daughter has a single male friend that wanted a pet but didn't want anything that was big. He came over and seen Andy and decided to take him. It will be good for both of them. Andy will be the only pet and Mark will spoil him rotten.

We hated to do it but Andy was abusing his sisters to death. We tried the bitter apple but would have had to bath both sisters totally in the stuff. Andy just wanted to be the top cat on the totem pole and at Mark's house he will be. Sammy and Smokey Jo are both together and hopefully all their hair will grow back in soon.

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