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That Birthday party I went to in August and I was all excited about, Well that went and I had a really lovely time! We are really good friends now(Lisa & I) and I have been to her house about 4 times and tomorrow night i'm going to stay the night at her house when i started college this year i felt like such a reject but im so pumped now that i have good friends.

sorry just had to share

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Cool ! Great to hear life is treating you well
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I am glad that you have a good friend. There is nothing like a school friend to keep you centred. I met my best friend on the 1st day of grade 9. She was my maid of honour and we worked together for years until I got this new job.
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Oh Ady that's awsome- It's a shame because all my really food friends went to different colleges this year!
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good for you Sam i'm glad you have some good friends
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