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Hey Hissy.. I just noticed that you have several rural acres in Oregon? Craig and I were wondering where? Craig is from Oregon (he abosolutely LOVES it there) and his parents also have a few acres in rural Oregon! He flies out to visit them as often as possible. I hear its really beautiful!

However, this is the first state that I've stepped foot in west of Texas and I haven't been out of the bay area. So I have a LOT of sight seeing to do.

Hehe... I've never seen a mountain or a desert! I've also never seen more than a few inches of snow! Never enough to build a snowman *cries* I have a lot of living to do!!!

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Don't feel too bad Cassie....I have seen mountains, but never have I seen an ocean...
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I've been to Oregon and love it down around Grants Pass, Portland and Salem. Have 2 sons that live in Hermiston, it's barren I think.
I live in Virginia and have a view of Apalachian Mts. and in about 4 hours could see the ocean. Life is good.
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Hehe Debby... I lived right on the beach when I lived in Florida. Well some of the time I lived in Florida... I lived in Florida for 15 years and the entire time I lived there I was a 15 minute ride from the beach.. 15 minutes top. The beach was in our county so it was a ride away.... I can't imagine life without the ocean. Hehe today living in California... if I want to see the ocean I could walk about a mile from my apartment and see it. You should come visit me!

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Never been to Bay area. LA for a week in the 80s. Just moved from the FL beach to TN mountains. Lotsa lakes here. Sis lives in Melb, FL so I still get to visit beach. Love the weather here. Too hot there.
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Have any of you guys been to Lake Tahoe? the mountains on one side & the lake on the other. breathtaking.
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Never been to Lake Tahoe but pics are beautiful. What's weather like?
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I was there in July and it was a beautiful 80 degrees
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I envy you AP! I would absolutely LOVE to go to lake Tahoe! Maybe one day?

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Cassie....how about you come to Iowa...and I will go there!! :laughing:
I would trade you mountains of snow for an Ocean, anyday!
Maybe we can visit each other and you can build a snowman, and I can walk along a real beach!!!!!!!!!
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I'm strange. I pefer a true desert.

Oh, I love the beach and the mountains too, but the desert is where I feel at home.

Where we live, we are like an hour away from everything, desert, mountains, beach, and a little over an hour away from Six Flags Magic Mountain.
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Wow. I envy you Illusion! I've never seen a desert... or a mountain.. hehe guess I'm missing out on a lot

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I'm here in beautiful Oregon also, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Although we get a lot of rain, it keeps things green and lush, and the air is pretty clean and fresh here!

On any given day I can travel a maximum of an hour and go to either the Ocean, Mountains, Desert, Woods, or City...if I can find a ride that is! :laughing2:

Anyone want to come for a visit? You can bring your cats!

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You're all welcome to visit Israel, where you can have snowy mountains (well... mountain), deserts and beaches and nothing is more than 4 hours away than anything else... It's a tiny country - smaller than Delaware but with a great variety.
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Sounds like a deal to me. I'll build a snowman in your yard and when you come visit I'll show you the beach. You can see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate too if you want.

Craig and I sometimes wait until 1:00 am or 2:00 am and go to the beach and walk along the sand. It's really cold because of all the wind but it soo nice because there isn't a soul about .. its super quiet and there is nothing but us and the sound of waves.

-Cassie :tounge2:
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That sounds so romantic!
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I've lived in near the mountains, desert, and ocean. All that is left is the Plains and tropical rain forests.
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I've been several times to Lake Tahoe(on the border of California and Nevada were all the casinos are and close to Reno. My boyfriend lives there and I will be moving there soon. The winters there can be very cold and snowy and you have to have chains or snow tires. I just got back last week and the tempreture during the day is nice and went up to 75. the lake is beautiful. Unfortunately,I didn't bring a bathing suit. I jsut soaked my feet in the water. Really nice. Bad thing about it is too many houses. I prefer a tent to a cabin. And a campfire to a heater. And having deer and raccoon visit rather than people. But I love Lake Tahoe. Much more exciting than Utah.
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