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Vettech , that is a awsome story wow , good job .
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vettechstudent what a fabulous story.. that is so wonderful. I am going to really try to be patient. hissy your post made me all emotional.. in a good way.
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Well,the reason I was trying to hurry with her is I knew she would soon be reproducing and there I would be trying to deal with more kittens.I knew if she had kittens that I would be the one that ended up with them too cause I wouldn't be able to give them away,and I didn't need anymore.
Good luck and keep us updated.
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Wow Sicy,
Prego looks just like my Mittens. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a snowshoe siamese.

Learn something new everyday.

Sorry, just found this thread.
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vettech- I understood your reasoning behind why you did that. I have snatched plenty of cats before their time, just because they needed a vet so badly. All I meant for sicy is in this situation, she needs to relax and not want it so badly. Once she relaxes and doesn't crave the contact, it comes rather quickly.
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Prego has graduated to just batting the feather, to actually grabbing it and rolling over on her back She was doing this for about 10 minutes while I was holding the feather. I consider this a sign of trust right? To expose their belly.

She then came up on her own to sniff my hand.. but then backed away. Such a cutie she is.
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I just found this thread.

She is ADORABLE and the progress that you've made is fantastic.

Oooh....she sniffed. So close but yet so far. Stay patient. The reward is well worth it. You're doing a TERRIFIC job.
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Small update???? That's SMALL????

Sicy! That is HUGE! Well, in the world of a feral it is. If she's sniffing on her own, she trusts you enough to get that close to her. AND she's letting her guard down to play with you!

What seem like baby steps to us are giant leaps of faith for her.
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Really?? Thanks!! I guess I'm already so used to playing with her that I didnt consider this THAT huge but still a great improvement! The rolling over on her back is what really impressed me. To me it showed me that she felt comfortable enough to 'let loose' and enjoy her playtime without worrying about me too much ...
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Thats terrific Sicy!!
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Sicy, I agree with Heidi. You go girl!
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Wow, wtg Sicy! Soon you'll be adding Prego to your signature with Zoey and Saki!
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Sicy Prego starting to trust you . Think about the beginning how she was and now , there is a big difference . She never would rool so cloth to you if she would not trust you and she come to sniff you . WOW Sicy that is so great .Be patiant girl , Prego is comming around .
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Prego looked so beautiful today I couldnt help but snap a few shots.

And then.. both cats were in the bedroom so I had Jim close the door as I tested the waters to see if Prego would come inside.. guess what, she did

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Awwww, beautiful Prego wants to live with you furever! Congrats on your progress with her -- she is surely lucky to have you as her angel
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I think that is so exciting. You know she is just so beautiful. She has the most beautiful blue eyes, and the cutest face. It's like one side of her face is like a regular Siamese cat, and the other side is like a Torti Siamese. She is so precious.
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She's a smart, smart girl and she is so lovely. I love hearing about the progression in your relationship with her
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Oh, this is indeed lovely news, Sicy! An officially three-kitty household, soon? Wouldn't THAT be lovely. You've done so well with her -- seems she thinks so, too.
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WOW , how wonderfull . And pretty soon you may be able to touch her . Great pics of her
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YAY!!!! Congratulations on getting her in the door! She looks right at home.
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OMG!!!! I am screaming right now! what a trip it must have been for you. scritches and rubs are next!
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THAT'S AWESOME that she came into ur apt!!! I have tried several times with Callie and she still refuses to come in even when it's raining.

U gotta tell us more details- what did she do when she came in? Did she mostly sniff around or play with u more or what? How long did she stay in? Did she act jumpy?

More details pls!
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lol! Well.. I shouldnt even start to let her in because I've stated before, there is no way I can actually "keep" a third cat here inside My landlord would kick me out if she even knew I was feeding her

Anyway.. I was crouched by the sliding door with the door open. As you can see from the first pics. I just shook the feather around a bit and led it into the house. At first she took one step in, bat the feather, then step out. Then two steps, bat the feather, then step out Finally she just chased it inside a few feet.. played for like 5 seconds, then out again. lol. She then was getting more comfortable and as I led the feather in she walked all the way in and started to sniff the cardboard box, and then the scratching tree. She would play for a few seconds then out again. She is very cautious, smart little girl, but it just excites me so much every time something new like this happens My god she was so close to me I just wanted to reach out and pet her but I didnt. *sigh* She did sniff my hand again, didnt back away as much as the last time she sniffed my hand, but like I said, she is still cautious.

Little angel
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Way to go Sicy.

She sure does look at home there with you. And great progress you are doing with her.

What a cute . Hope Zoey and Saki didn't mind.
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Zoey and Saki were not in the room. When Prego is at the window, Saki tries to play with her She also looks like she tries to play back. Zoey is not as receptive but is getting used to seeing her at the window and now just sits there and watches her.
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That's great news!!
I swear she is such a beautiful kitty.
I know you have to dying to be able to love on her.
Heck,I want to love on her.
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Prego hasnt been coming over for like 4 days now. She used to come everyday. So I was getting worried about her until my neighbor told me that she saw her this morning at the feral feeder we put next door.

I wonder why she hasnt come over.
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There is no telling why sicy. Something could have frightened her away, she might have smelled another cat that passed through. As long as you know she is getting fed and cared for, that is all you can ask. She may just sense a change in the weather coming and has found a place that is secure but close to the food source and she is getting ready to hunker down for the winter.

When the weather turns really cold, I always add warm chicken broth to the dry food. It helps the cats to stay warm and over time, will build up a fatty layer to protect them from severe cold.
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