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She looks sooooo much better.You're doing a great job with her.
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I hate this. I had the best dream. Prego was at the pool... and she was near me. A small child was there trying to pet her. I told her dont smack her like that, pet her nicely lol. I thought.. Prego is letting this little girl touch her, I am going to try to touch her now. I touched her back and she started purring. I scratched her chin and she rolled over and soaked it all up purring. I was petting her and scritching her and kissing her and it felt so good. I thought in my dream 'oh my god.. I have to run to TCS and tell this good news.'

Blah This is the second dream I've had of me petting her. Man it was so real. This morning she was sitting at my patio looking in looking so pretty. I wanted to just go pet her. *sigh*
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I believe in dreams coming true. So don't stop dreaming or trying. It may happen some day. You're a good person and good things come to those who deserve it.
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Thank you that is such a nice thing to say.
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I second that!! Sicy, just keep going - it IS going to happen! You've come so far and accomplished so much. When it's this close that needed patience is so much more difficult, but just hang in there. One of these days we'll be throwing a jumping blob party for you and these days of infinite patience will become only dim memories.
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LOL @ jumping blob party
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Just think back to, or better yet - just read through this whole thread. See? Your dreams with Prego are coming true, little bits at a time. She will let you pet her, someday...Right now it's just a dream, but it WILL HAPPEN!!
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I agree...you are sending "vibes" to Prego even when you sleep.

Dreams that seem real are great. (Unless it is a bad dream!)
Maybe Prego is dreaming of you!:sleep3:
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What a wonderful dream, Sicy, it hopefully will come true soon. Prego is a really pretty cat.
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I was just outside playing with her with the feather. She loves that thing. She rolls over on her back and grabs it and bites it. She even came up to my hand and sniffed it and did a little 'bap! bap!' on my hand with her paw. That's the most I can get out of her
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U are making progress with Prego! It takes time and patience.. Remember how at the beginning, she'd run off if she saw u? Now she stays and will play with u!! Someday, she will let u pet her!!

As u know, I have a feral named Callie who have been living on my porch for the last 2 years and just now she's FINALLY getting close to me- she eats out of my palm!!!! My next goal is to get her to let me pet her... Who knows how long that will take!

Someday Prego will do the same!
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Here's Prego having a snooze

Oops.. sorry didnt mean to wake you

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I 2nd that aaawwww

You can tell that she is feeling so much better and relaxed now . Good job Sicy
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Prego!!!! She's looking good Sicy.
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She's snoozing on YOUR chair, by YOUR door, and all she can manage when you disturb her by taking a picture is "Can't a cat get a nap without being interrupted?" Oh, this is good stuff, Sicy. This lady is feeling comfortable. Way to go!
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Thank you she is so sweet. And loves to play with me with the feather and roll around on her back. Just wish I could pet her.
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Prego is getting more comfortable playing with me. Now when I start moving the feather she comes running over and instantly rolls onto her back and plays. I even have her playing right by my feet. Tonite she bapped my hand 3 times with her paw BUT she did not use nails.. soft paw so I dont really know what that means exactly but it was really cute!!!
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It means she feels comfortable with you and trusts you! No matter how often I reprimand him, Gary still uses his hands to play with Shelly sometimes. They'll bat around at each other, and Shel never uses his nails. I think it's because he knows they're playing and he doesn't want to hurt Gary. He doesn't feel threatened, so no nails.

I'm tellin' ya, just hang in there! One of these days she'll bump ya and there'll be no turning back.

Shelly and Spooky have actually become lap cats. And Spooky used to run if you so much as held a hand out to her. In fact, no matter how much stuff is on Gary's lap, if she's in the mood, she doesn't even ask anymore. Instead of sitting next to him and looking up at him with pleading eyes, she'll just come trotting over and jump up there - no warning! Now we can't get rid of her! So be careful what you wish for, LOL!
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How exciding Sicy . Pretty soon you have # 3 cat LOL .
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Hang in there, Sicy! One of these days, she won't be able to think of any more ways to test the trust she feels, and she'll step over that boundary. It's coming -- but aren't you glad you don't have to hold your breath while you're waiting?
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Just an update on Prego. She's just fine and visits every day. Still havent touched her but occasionally she will bat at my hand when we're playing

Today I gave her a kitty puff to play with and she loved it!! ..........

I love this one

......... but then she peed on it!
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Originally Posted by Sicycat
Just an update on Prego. She's just fine and visits every day. Still havent touched her but occasionally she will bat at my hand when we're playing

Today I gave her a kitty puff to play with and she loved it!! ..........

......... but then she peed on it!
I guess she was staking her claim...though it's one way to take the fun out her own toy!
Such a pretty girl she is,
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She looks so great! Glad she's doing good!
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but then she peed on it!
Well...now it's hers isn't it....not likely for you to touch it or take it away from her.

What a gorgeous girl.

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LOL!! Well that was a short lived toy she wont want to play with it now!

Thanks guys, she's a gorgeous girl.. just wish I could touch her beautiful fur! I bet she's soft.
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Oh Sicy , Prego is just soooooooooo beautiful . Those pics are great of her and she looks soooooo healthy and happy . Sicy , you are doing a great job Hang in there , one day Sicy , one day and she is yours
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She looks wonderful, Sicy! Hang in there! One day, when you least expect it, that little lady will surprise you. And until then, well, all I can say is, you've done so well with her!
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I dont want to start a new thread but man are me and my neighbor mad! We went next door yesterday to the dirt lot to check on the feeder and it was gone! Someone completely cleaned up back there and removed everything that was there. *sigh*. We really dont know what to do, because it is not our property and we never got 'clearance' from the building manager there that we could feed the cats.. and we cant feed them on our property because remember my building manager is a beeehatch... so we are going to think about what to do next.

So last night I had 4 of them on my patio including Prego & Snowflake.. They know where to go if their main food source is gone I guess. I still put food on my patio.. even though I'm not supposed to. Just hope my landlord will not catch me.
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How infuriating. I don't have any ideas of what you can do...maybe other posters will have suggestions.

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