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Hello, another newbie here

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Hi, my name is Margaret. My husband and I are owned by three lovely black female cats, Iggy, Zoey and Lucy. They are litter mates and we adopted them from the local humane society (2001) after our cat Jezabel(black too) of about 13-14 years went to kitty heaven. After Jezabel passed we wanted to get two female black cats but didn't have much luck when we initally looked. So a friend of ours who volunteers at the Humane Society said she would help us out. Indeed she did! she called the next day and said she had three black female kittens that needed foster care untill they were old and big enough to be spayed to get adopted out. They were about 5 weeks old at the time and so, so tiny. We gladly took them in our home and ended up adopting all three of them as we could not see them getting separated, and of course well fell in love with them right away! The triplets just turned two years old yesterday and are the love of our lives.
I don't know what I would do without them as I have had cats all of my life - Cats are just a part of me I guess.
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Welcome to the site Margaret! I have a big soft spot in my heart for black cats, too, but I only have 1 boy (and a black and white girl). I'm sure you'll get innundated with requests, so I'll start off....Do you have any pictures you can share????
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Yes, but not quite sure how to do it.
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Hi Margaret! Welcome to TCS! Hope you enjoy as much as the rest of us do!

Here's a link to how to post pictures:
Hope that helps you!
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Thanks Shell, but is there a way to post a pic without remote linking? I do want to share pics of my babies. This site looks so cool - I'm sure I will have a lot of fun.
Valanhb, glad to hear you have a soft spot for them too
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If you look at the 4th paragraph down in the link Shell gave you, that's where it gives the directions for attaching pictures directly from your computer.
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Thank you Heidi, I resized a picture and it said it was still too large. I will play with a bit longer - keep your paws crossed I might just give up for tonight.
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Margaret , it is nice meeting you and your kids . We all love cat/kitten pitures , so I cant wait to see your babies
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Trying to post a picture once again.
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Welcome to TCS Margaret. The same welcome to your husband and the 3 furrbabies.
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Hi there
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Welcome to the site, Margaret looking forward to more pics of your 3 furbabies!
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Thanks everyone for the nice welcoming to this site. You are all very sweet!
I will post more pics when I have time, and patience LOL.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Look at those pretty girls! How do you tell them apart???
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Your cats are very pretty , I like black cats
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Hello and welcome!
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originally posted by valanhb
Look at those pretty girls! How do you tell them apart???
Thats what i want to know! welcome to TCS 3blackcats!
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Welcome Margaret!!

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Hi Margaret,

Welcome! Hoping to see more pictures of your Kitties.
One of my friends has 7 black kitties. Actually 5 are totally black and the other 2 are black and white.

I have one black, long hair, and one tuxedo and 9 other assorted colors [one of everything].
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Hi Welcome to the site I just love black kitties:
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Telling them apart is pretty easy as Iggy is a fatty patttie, Lucy is the skinniest and Zoey has a little fluffier tail. They all three have differnt personalites too. We used to have collars on them to tell them apart, sometimes we still get them mixed up but correct ourselves right away.
Finally got some picts in the picts forum
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Hello & Welcome
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