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New House Pics

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Hi Everyone-

I took some pics of the new house today when mum took me to see it- It's bigger than I expected but there are some stains on the no big deal but hey im fussy

Here mum was entering the house- the pic quailty is crap because i was all safe inside the car and it was pouring down but it gives you a rough idea of what it looks like. Yup it's green kind of "sea spongey green"

The side of the house- the drive goes down to a garage and the backyard(which is fenced for our pooches)

Standing from the front doorway(I took this on the way out so the rain had stopped a bit)

Where our car will be parked(Yup,That's our car) you can see our pretty Kowhai Tree and some of our street and you can see the park and where that little blue sign is, is the walk way down to the beach.

This picture was taken in the downstairs rumpus room, it's the garage.

This is my room- right next door the lounge and I have my own bathroom!, It looks pretty cheap but it's not too bad and bigger then my previous bedroom- all the rooms are kinda like this so i didn't bother taking pictures of all of them but once we have moved in i will share more.

This is the view from my room- mum said sea views , Can you sea it? no pun intended

Here's the downstairs part of the house-

It's not too ugly but i like the house i'm in now much better.

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UM!! could I move there?!! That is such a nice house!!! Look forward to seeing your signature designs on it
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Love the trellis on the front walk and the sea views...I hope you learn to love it Sam, and look forward to more pics!

BTW, is the Kowhai tree the one in the front of the pic or behind the car?
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I'm jealous...that's a beautiful house and I love the view from your bedroom.

It's not too ugly but i like the house i'm in now much better
Sam, this house will seem much nicer after everything has been moved in.
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WOW it looks great . Geee you can see the sea when you look out of your winow . Now I get a little envy here . I want that room for myself .My congrats to your new great room
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JellyBelly- Sure you can move in, I will look forward to daily cuddles with the big JB himself! Thanks

Christy- The Kowhai Tree is the one in front of the car, I went to Papakowhai Thanks

That's so true Lorie!! Thanks.

LOL Hedi, Thanks a bunch babe

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Wow! It's really pretty. I'm so happy for you and your family to find such a nice house to rent that accepts pets! You are very lucky
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Sam, that's such a gorgeous house! And to be so close to the beach! Is it a beach that's good for swimming?
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That looks like a great place, Sam! Yippee! I would just love to have that view. Neat.
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Thanks Viva & Laurie

Viva it's a beach that's GREAT for swimming, infact when i was younger we used to live across the road from it boy was that great! i can also take my pooches there, they love water!
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Can I move in too?? I like it!
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i wanna move in too... but if i move in can meow meow and boy boy come along too??
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oh wow could your houses be any different from the houses here in UK???

it's an absolutely lovely house Sam, and your sooooo lucky to have sea views!!!
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It is a beautiful home! I envy you as you can open your windows and smell the sea. Once you get your stuff in place you will have to take a picture of your new office-
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You guys are so kind! I will Mary Anne for sure!

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Whoa! I like the new house I am turning green with envy...I want a sea-view Seriously that is a nice house and I know that once you get your room all personalized you will like it a little bit better.
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What a great place - I wish I had a sea view!
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wow lovely house - room for one more (plus 4 furries)??????????????
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LOL Tulip! It's a bonus because at the new house we can have a second phone line- here we couldn't because it's a small street and not enough people want second lines.
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it is a really great looking house! The neighborhood looks wonderful!
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I think it's a great house. I love almost everything about it. I especially love the archway thing leading out of your front yard, and your room and the view look awesome.
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wow Sam that looks like a nice place, i love the view,, lets all move to New Zealand to Sams lol i think you will like it better when you get all your stuff in there, it will feel more like home
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I think it looks like a wonderful house, and a lovely neighborhood. Enjoy it!
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Awww! *Shucks* Thanks everyone big time!

I can't wait to show all you guys pictures of my room , dressed up!
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Originally posted by hissy
.........It is a beautiful home! I envy you as you can open your windows and smell the sea...
Hey Sam - I have to agree with Maryanne! aaaaaaaaah, to smell the sea....... Heck, I am surrounded by the ocean here in Fla but I live too far inland to "Sea"' it everyday... Sometime I wish I lived closer.

.....Your home is just beautiful!!

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Kim! Thank you.

We're starting to move house today but offically all the pets and beds tomorrow!

It's so exciting!

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