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Here's our new addition:
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I was hoping her eyes wouldn't glow, but here's the pic:
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Very beautiful cat. I love her colours.
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Oh, she is just beautiful and has the cutest face.
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If you'd like to really see her colors (reds and apricots), there's a pic I posted of her at the Feral Colonies forum under: Can a feral cat be extremely friendly? Help! I'll try to post the link:

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She has that "mean-cute" look in the first photo.
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You can't see her nose, and she has that fur line of orange running down the middle of her face. She's stocky and compact and her body is kind of like a British shorthair, but here I go writing about purebreeds again, when she's a DSH, just like Cindy and Lucy. Cindy and Lucy are longer, though.

Like black cats, she has that mean look because her eyes are so noticeable and black cats' noses and mouths are black, just like the background fur. It must be a black cat thing.
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it does look like she has spots of colors . She looks gorgeous
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shes gorgeous!
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What a purrty furbaby:
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Oh she's very pretty!!! She looks like my ChiChi at my parents house

Her eyes glow too LOL
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very pretty kittie, lucky to have found you. God works in wonderous ways sometimes.
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Cute pumpkin!
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Is ChiChi small and petite compared to your cats? ChiChi and Pumpkin have the same body build, smaller ears, and similar colors. Your gray cats look awesome, btw, and they remind me of our lost Mysty cat.

Thanks for posting the pic of ChiChi. She's a cutie!

Pumpkin is really improving from her viral infection and/or her vaccination, and is much stronger now. Her fur, which was rough textured, is now soft and silky.

Thanks, everyone!
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