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Score one for the kitties

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Our local paper, the Tampa Tribune, did a huge story today covering feral colonies in our area. There are no less than about 8 of them. They also noted how the local Humane Society has begun a free spay/neuter day on Saturdays for people who capture ferals and want to neuter them before returning them to their environment. There was very little negative press written about those who favor euthanasia for ferals (because of bird populations), and a small bit about people who return ferals to the environment as technically being law breakers because cats aren't a native species in Florida. All in all, it was a great article, giving a lot of useful information on trapping ferals safely and how the vets participating and the Humane Society tag the neutered animals.
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That is really good news!
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This is very good news. It's nice to see that cats are starting to get some recognition.

Hey Deb.. I lived in Florida nearly all my life. I lived in an itty bitty town that I hated and still hate to this day. Ever heard of Perry? Ugh... its awful there. Heh lived there from 2nd grade until graduation.... icky icky. I am however a big FSU fan! Go Noles!!

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Great news. Hey Deb, are you planning on meeting some of us from the board at the cat show in St. Pete in September? If not, I think we'll come and hunt you down. We will have cars and will be able to find you if you don't come to say "hi". Right gang. My friend lives in Tampa and I haven't seen her in 8 years. We are planning on getting together. We've been friends for 20 years and lived in Brooklyn and worked for the same law firm. I can't wait to see her and her husband (who I also know from back home).

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Yes, the September cat show is on the proverbial calendar. I am looking forward to meeting people from this site. It will be my first show!

And, yes, I've heard of Perry. Think I've been through there a time or 2. As to Gators vs. Noles, I stay out of the whole thing by disliking both. I think the fans aggravate me more than the teams do. I am personally looking forward to seeing the USF Bulls move forward in college football.
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Wow, gotta give ya credit Deb... its nice for once to see someone who isn't going for the whole bandwagon thing. I was born into the seminole fan thing... ever since I was born all I can remember during football season was garnet & gold and "go noles!" so I was kinda brought up that way.

Avoid Perry at all costs. That place is trouble.

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