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New Pics! Of my furrkids!

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Hi Everyone- I went crazy with the Digital Camera today and took near 100 pics I have chosen just 16 to share with you today! Please be patient while i'm loading them all up and I will let you know when they are all up! Enjoy my pictures, This thread was kinda inspired by Jasmine(cat) because I know how much she loves Soph!

Today I was watching all the animals sleep and I though sheesh can you get any more boring So I went and got the feathers and I swear we have been playing feathers for about 2 1/2 hours, and then sophie discovered under the beanbag was a big bag of nip!!!!(from my penpal) so she dug it out and i sprinkled it all around the lounge and the cats and I had a party all bar- Benja,Danlara & L.E May.

Here I was shaking the feathers and Elmo was watching.

Elmo trying to catch the feathers(bellybaby)

Another Elmo "Stare"

I can smell nip.........

Arrrrrrhhh.. NIP! I love the look on Elmos face after this!

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The cats eating their nip..

In front is 'Holly', under table is 'Yogi', the blue cat is 'Loonie' the white cat is 'Muffin' and theres my big ginger boy Elmo.

Look at Hollys face- you would have thought she had struck gold!

Yogi is on a high after his nip fix and he thought he would do some scratching.

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Keeping the nip close, Don't Touch!

Before the nip... Isn't she gorgeous?

Having a well deserved rest- beating up dogs is harder than you think!

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Having some fun with the Feathers..


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My girl Loonie- Mother of 'Elmo'

When Loonie was a Entire Queen she was so skinny but now she has been spayed she's as fat as butter!

The little princess Muffin- She had a bath a week ago and has mananged to stay pretty clean

That's all the pics for now! I might share some more later!

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I love them all but that last picture of Elmo in the first set is too cute That is one tore up kitty
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Such cutie patooties! Sam, give em lots of scratches & loves from me and my three rugrats!
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Cute little buggers that is for sure. I can't wait to get my hands on my brother's digital camera so I can show you all my little Emmer Pie.
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Oh boy oh boy , they are all so cute . Sophy has some very interesting colors , very pretty girl I also like Holly very much ...well I like calicos and torties a lot ... but all of your babies are very pretty Sam
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Thanks Everyone! I'm totally besotted with my furrkids! I will give them scritches from ya'll!

Best Wishes.

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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Look at Hollys face- you would have thought she had struck gold!

Holly looks like she has a milk mustache. Cute!
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yes Hydroaxe now that you say something I see it too . That is to cute
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My Milk Moustache kitty!aaaaaw!
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milk mustache LOL!!! I can never get over how persians look like demon cats Yours are cutie pies though with such soft bellies!!!
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Aww... Sam You have such beeyooteful kids. I wish I could give them all scritchies!!
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oh Sam, i'm soooo happy i saw this!!!!
Thankyou for the gorgeous, stunning pics of your cats!!!!
I absolutely love the look on Holly's face, i think you got what she was thinking exactly!!!
And as for my favourite Sophie give her a kiss and belly rub from me, can't wait to see her babies!!
Elmo is lovely.....

Must control myself.....No...more.....cats....

Ahh ...theres always room for one more!!!
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Sicy- Loonie is as I call her Mother Nature because even if they are not her kittens she will try and suckle them , she's so beautiful! she's from tassie BTW!

Thanks Sandra & JB!

Now ... Jasmine!
Thanks for all your lovely comments sweetie- My tub, sophs "mew" get it new is licking herself

heehee! you guys always put the biggest smile on my face!

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Sam- I'm in love with your kitties--they're BEAUTIFUL! 'Course I have a thing for long-haired, smooshie-faced tortie cats anyhow, but they are all so pretty!
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Thanksyou alot Cindy! You're way too kind!
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The faces on your kitties are just so stunning! What beautiful babies (but you knew that already! LOL).
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Thanks Amy!
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