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Help FLeas !!

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I have 2 cats 1 is a little over a year and he seems to be handling the fleas ok He has had his monthly dose of flea treatment and does well. but my little kitten just turned 12 weeks old and I bought some natural fleas defense to put on him. He is still loaded with fleas/ I have done Borax, Lemon water, Vinegar, Baking soda, Vacum 1 to 2 times a day, Boiled Rosemary, Oranges and lemons Clean the vacuum and put all remains in trash and clean the filter. I have started combing with water and a drop of dawn in the water to help. the fleas were starting to diminish but Tipprary started to get Diarreah. What the heck do I do know? I am cleaning the carpet with a carpet steam cleaner once a day. JUST WATER I am combing constantly and wiping the blood off him from the fleas. HELP I AM LOSING MY MIND Any suggestions on what I can use with the steam cleaner that will kill fleas and eggs and such but will not hurt the cats. Borax is great but you need to leave on for a couple of days and frankly walking on it is pretty gross. HELP HELP HELP
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What is this monthly defleaser your older cat uses?


And why cant you use it on the kitten?  I mean, when kittens get a little older, he can prob too use this defleaser, if it isnt any inferior product.


You are combing it with some dawn water. Good.  But cant you go one step longer, and bathe the kitten in warm water with some Dawn in it?  Quite effective.

The kitten isnt no longer a baby, so some bath isnt not longer dangerous.


The diarrhea can be several reasons, but it CAN be worms, possibly even tape worms, as fleas are a in-between host for fleas...


Another remedicum you can use is DiAtomeus Earth,  DE. It is  silicon-shelled-algae from millions years ago, sold as a sort of powder.  Their shells cuts worms, fleas and other parasites, but is not dangerous to higher animals.

You can use it on your carpets, and on your cats.  Even insside of the cats!


Just make sure this DE you buy is  Food grade, or Human grade.



Good luck!


Welcome to our Forums!




ps.  I shall ask a mod to move this your question to our subforum for Caretaking and grooming, I suppose you will get even more answers there.

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I've never had to deal with fleas so don't have a lot of suggestions for you.

Borax may be good for getting rid of fleas, but it's toxic to cats. If you're putting it on the carpet you need to keep the cats out of the room until you've thoroughly cleaned afterward.

I agree with Stefan that diatomaceous earth would be a safer product to use.

Flea collars are not safe to use on kittens, but you can cut one up and put it in the vacuum cleaner bag.
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I also recommend diatomaceous earth. You can usually get it a a garden store. I get mine at Lowe's. However, you must be very careful to keep the cat from breathing in the dust. That means a very careful application of it.You can also spread it around the perimeter of your house and around the cat's bedding and such, but it will be tracked.


I also use Frontline Flea & Tick control spray. It works better than the monthly application products that you put on their neck, and one sprayed on application works for a month or more. I have had zero flees since I started using the Frontline. I use the diatomaceous earth around the perimeter and anywhere there might be moisture outside, and the Frontline on the cats. you can use it on a kitten of 12 weeks.


The cats get annoyed by the spraying of it, but they don't spend days with a greasy-looking spot on their necks. They also are disinclined to lick this stuff and it smells good for a month. When the smell wears off, I spray them again. I comb with a fine-toothed comb every once in a while to make sure it's still working.


There are also internal remedies that contain Brewer's yeast, garlic (toxic in large amounts but good in small amounts), and vitamins. These repel flees, ticks, and mosquitos. Cat's love brewer's yeast!


If you are fortunate to live in an area with a good winter, your flee problem will likely end as the weather cools off. That's some consolation at least.

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