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Am I in denial?

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Well Smokey has been gone almost a week & while I miss her teribly I already feel at peace about her death. The two weeks prior were more difficult than the week since. I cried & I still look to where she used to lay & get sad, but I know that she was so misserable it better knowing she's out of pain. I'm very supprised at how quickly I've come to terms with her passing, but I'm wondering have I come to terms or am I somehow in denial? I guess maybe it's because I mourned for the two weeks before she died because I knew it was coming & she wasn't her self anyway. My Smokey would wake up in the middle of the night & give out this low gutteral (sp?) meow to make sure I was still there & wouldn't stop until I answered her. Well until just moments before she died she had not talked for two weeks. That was not my Smokey. My Smokey was a talker. I just wanted to throw this out there to get it off my chest, comments are welcome but not necessary.
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my dear, you are not in denial at all! People deal with grief in different ways. You sound like a wonderful mom to Smokey and I am sure she had the best kitty life with you.....it's pretty obvious. The pain comes and goes, sometimes in waves. You will be at home one day and the sunlight coming through a window will remind you of her and you will feel her all around you. You will dream of her. You are processing this through different levels of your being is all. And it can numb you if the greif is overwhelming....a false numbness.
When my SiSi went missing out of the blue last May, I thought she would come home, why on earth would she ever want to leave? Talk about denial. I only took down her posters this past weekend after 4 months when I knew full well she had been taken by a coyote. I have not missed a day on the County pet hotline, listening to the daily lists of found kitties. A loss that is real is never denied from your soul - she is just sending you her spirit, which, have you thought about it, is making you strong????

Freddie & Sasha (SiSi's son) oh and P.S., thnx for your last note on my beloved Freddie's leukemia when I was falling apart.
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