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New Zealand

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My fiance, Alex, and I are seriously considering moving out of the country in a year or two (after college) . . . and we're thinking we'd really like to live in New Zealand! What a big move! I'm kinda excited, though, it would be such an adventure! And from pictures I've seen, it's such a pretty country! We're also thinking that if we don't decide to stay in New Zealand, we may go to France for a couple years before coming back to the States, or maybe going to Canada. Are we CRAZY or what????

But seriously, France and Canada are much more up in the air, but we're SERIOUSLY talking about going to New Zealand! I know it's a couple of years away, but time can fly by, when it's something like that!

So, what do y'all think? Anyone going to call the guys in white coats on me?
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Viva, being a kiwi, I can help you if you need - any questions, just feel free to ask me.
Here is a website about NZ immigration here that I hope can help you about moving there. But I can tell you a lot of personal things from my own experience and I am sure Sam can tell you as well.
The number of americans moving to NZ is increasing, after 9-11, so I am sure you will meet other Americans. I also plan to move back in 2005 after hubby finishes school, so hopefully we can meet.

Any questions, go ahead and ask me and I will be happy to help you!

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Thanks, Kellye! I never knew you were originally from NZ! Thanks again, I'll definitely remember that, since I'm sure we'll have plenty of questions!
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Hi Viva! As I have been to nearly every single town in NZ(Because of the cat shows) I would be happy to help as well.. but uh I haven't immigrated here or anything , So I don't know that side of things- NZ really is a beautiful place!

Kellye I can't wait until you move back to NZ we will have to meet up at a CHCH cat show(they have 3 of them a year )

aaaaw NZ!
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That sounds like a great idea. If I were younger, I'd go live in another country for a few years. It's such an eye-opening experience to travel.
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Sam - I would LOVE to meet you in kiwiland! Are one of the cat shows in Chch in New Brighton? I remember I saw one there but never went in.
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Viva my boyfriend and I have the same itch to get out of this country for a while! We're pretty set on Canada and are looking to move in about 2 years. Have you guys done a lot of traveling already so you can get a better idea of where you'd be happy living? Well anyway, you're not crazy at all! Good luck with your research - NZ sounds amazing!
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Thanks, Sam, I appreciate it. I'll probably be PMing you sometime in the next couple months to ask you about living there.

Sunni -- I would like to live in Canada one day, but Alex says it's too cold there, so the jury is still out on that one.
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Yeah!!!! How Exciting! I Can't wait Kellye!

That's Neat Viva!
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I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS OF YOU!!! ARrghhhhhhh....I want to move to Fiji Islands or New Zealand or Hawaii or Iceland or Norway or Finland or other surrounding little places LOL!!!
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