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Sweet sweet kitties...

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Oh I am so grateful for my little furbabies today! I had a breakdown at work and quit on the spot and stormed out crying. I went home and laid down on the couch sobbing and my 2 babies came up and rubbed and purred and kissed me and then fell asleep on me and we all just rested together. It's like they knew I needed special love and attention! They helped me to realize that everything will be okay, no matter what happens! I love them sooooooo much! Anyone else have their cats help them out of dark places?
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Awwwwww that is so sweet of them! Are you okay?

My Peedoodle is really good at comforting, hes a real sweetheart. Kahu is only young and he has no interest - he likes to entertain though.
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Kitties are angels in disguise!

What happened at your job? Are you OK? Sending positive vibes your way! (((HUGS)))
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Oh that is just so so sweet. I'm so sorry you had a rough day How wonderful it is to come home to furbabies isnt it.
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Thanks for your concern all! I am better now. I came back to work. I decided I better stick it out until I find a better job. (I guess I didn't offend anyone with my outburst, they asked me to come back..lol...) So anyway, if anyone is in the LA area and needs an Admin Assistant or Human Resources person, please let me know!!!
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Bless your heart , I hope you find a better job . ((((HUG))))
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boy boy and meow meow cried with me when i broke up with my ex.. they sat in the room with me and just listened to all my grouses... i got better in no time...
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amyspear, I hope things work out for you and you find a better job. (((Hugs))) for you.

Ivo isn't a snuggler, but when I'm really upset, down and crying, she'll jump up on the couch and come to me for snuggles. And once, when I was really upset and lying in bed crying, she laid next to me and let me hold her and cry into her fur (which was a great and wonderful surprise because she hates being held in any way). I think our furbabes know when we are upset and hurting and do what they can to give us comfort.
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