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My Kitten Has a Runny Nose and Congestion

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Hey everyone,


I just adopted a kitten Monday from a high kill shelter. The shelter said he is 4 months old but I had him neutered yesterday morning and the vet said 8 weeks. The shelter told me that he has had his distemper and rabies shots. I'm assuming that is the only vet care he has gotten so far. Monday I noticed that his nose was runny and yesterday when I brought him home from the spay/neuter clinic his nose was all runny and crusty and he sounded really congested. When he would purr he sounded... bubbly. confused.gif


I'm a new, first time cat owner so I don't know much about cat health and I'm kinda concerned about him. Is there anything I can do to help him feel a little better and at least make him a little more comfortable while he is sick? Should I take him to a vet or is it probably just a little cold that he will recover from on his own? He is eating and drinking well and is very active and playful. The discharge from his nose is a thick and greenish. He has also been sneezing a lot and when he sneezes snot just goes everywhere (gross, I know, sorry!). When I first saw his this past Saturday I noticed he was sneezing a lot but he didn't have the runny nose and all yet then.


The lady at the shelter told me when I picked him up that he had been having diarrhea. That is pretty much the extent of what I know about this little guy and his health so far.


I got him a water fountain to encourage him to drink and I've been feeding him Friskies wet food. The shelter had him on a basic Purina cat kibble so I've been mixing that in with his wet for a slower transition so I don't upset his stomach. He has been really gassy but I haven't noticed any diarrhea since he got home.


Should I be worried about him? dontknow.gif

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It is possible that he is having a herpes flare-up. He probably has a URI, caused by having the herpes virus. Take him to the vet, he will probably need some antibiotics. Then start giving him l-lysine (500mg twice a day at first) to control the herpes virus replication.

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