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Thank you everyone

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This is really from Health & Medicine, but I do feel it affects everyone who is in love with kitties. I wanted to thank over 100 people across the country and from far, far away (New Zealand and UK!) that gave me so much support, advice, hugs, and much needed STRENGTH the past two weeks, as I learned to deal with my Freddie's acute leukemia. All of my postings/conversations were on the Health board, but the selfless and generous time people spent reading and caring about Freddie is indicative of all of us on this site. Everyone matters. Everyone.
Freddie seems to be in a mini-remission, and although I know he might leave us soon, we are enjoying every moment he has left. His fever is down to 103-104, he's eating, drinking, and watching Animal Planet. He sits quietly in the pumpkins at sunset.....and to think on Monday morning we were so close to putting him down when he slipped so far under. That will not happen. My emotions contunue to be raw and deep at the potential of any more loss, after losing SiSi to a coyote this May.
So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Freddie (6 mos.) and big bro. Sasha -and-
Elizabeth & Eric
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Although i was not in the discussions about your troubles, I have been reading your story. Isn't it nice to have a wonderful group of cat lovers to be here to listen and give hope and advice?
Glad to hear Freddie is in remission.
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