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Emmett scared of ghost???

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The other night Emmers really freaked me out. I was getting ready to go to bed, my usually routine, but this time for an odd reason I shut the door. I never shut the door to my bedroom just so Em can come and go as he pleases. Well once the door was shut Em's tail puffed up he arched his back and was staring at the corner where the door is. I patted him and told him it was okay. But he kept backing up, tail all puffy. I opened the door at this point and he crept slowly towards it, still is scared cat pose. I followed him as he walked out the bed room and through the kitchen. After that he was okay.

Now maybe it was the fact that I shut the door. But a few days ago I shut him up in there while my dad was here picking up my computer desk and when I went to let him out he was sitting on the window looking out, a usual place I can find him. I usually find him in my room alone on the window or sleeping on my bed.

Now just a few momnets ago I was in the bathroom cleaning his litter box and he came in, jumped on the sink. Same kitty scared pose and he jumped backwards off the sink and creapt backwards out of the bathroom. He usually sits on the sink when I'm in there brushing my teeth or whatever bathroom things go on, but he was really freaked this time. Once I was finished with his litter I picked him up and carried him in the bathroom talking to him and petting him. All was fine. He is in there now using the litter box.

Could there be a ghost? Or is Em just having this behaviour due to the fact things are changing around here with my packing and moving?

I could easily deal with a ghost, but I don't want to worry about Em when I leave him alone.
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I do believe in ghosts, but they seldom cause fear in cats unless it is the spirit of a dog. I'm sure the added stress of your packing isn't helping. Make sure to leave your kitty an unwashed shirt of yours. One that you really sweat in. This will comfort him with your scent and help him to relax.
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My guys do something similar...

They used to get all freaked out (tail all puffy and low crouching pose) once in a while in our bedroom. But now every so often, one (or both of them) will just stare at the wall or into space like they see something. A few times they even started purring!

Ghosts? Probably! Ahhhh - it's probably just my grandmother checking up on me!
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Well, then my place must be a literal hotbed of ghostly activity!! Loki does the same thing and all it really takes to calm him down is to talk to him softly and pet him. Who know maybe we are not alone.
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Yeah. Its creepy, yet cool at the same time. Nice to know I have a vicious kitten to protect me from ghosts and whatnots!
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Indeed! Tenchi and Jasmine enjoy their time staring off into space.. at the ceiling, whatever they think they see I only wish I knew.

One time I picked one up and let them bat at the chain hanging down from the light of the fan. She liked that it dangled and kept swinging to and fro. Now both cats stare at the fan wondering just how they managed to get up there in the first place !
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Have you seen the October issue of "Cat Fancy"? There's an article about "cat ghosts", and it also mentions "cats seeing ghosts". There's probably a "logical" explanation, for instance your packing, or a strange echo because the door was shut, but who knows? I think animals are probably more attuned to the supernatural than we are.
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Im almost positive my house has ghosts. I never really truly believed in them until I moved here. Then when I suspected it before I got my cats, I talked myself out of it and just explained things as my "imagination" or me being paranoid. But once I got my cats, I really became sure that I have ghosts in my house. Let me explain

When we first moved in, my daughter really freaked me out with things she 'saw' that connected with similar things I 'felt'. It was very weird. For example, I felt I was being watched many times in my house when I was alone. Then she started telling me she saw a mean man in the window, the window is in the stairwell and right on the landing where the staris turn. She was almost 3 when she started talking about this mean man. I also feel that theres something not right about the house, the aura or atmosphere of it has negativeness to it and sometimes I think it affects my daughter and I personally. I know this sounds crazy I was sure I was crazy before I got my cats too.

So then things were fine for a while, and I stopped paying attention and tried to ignore things. But then little things started happening-- like my curtains. Im anal about keeping them closed because I dont want anyone outside seeing in. So I always keep them tightly closed. There have been a few times that they are opened a tad, when I know I didnt leave them that way. And its on windows that dont open too, so Im sure it wasnt a draft and it wasnt my daughter because she cant reach some of the windows on the doors and such.

Little things like that started happening. Sounds that couldnt be explained, the house occasionally shakes. Litterally shakes, when there is no reason for it to (nothing like a big truck going by or something). Im in Minnesota and no other houses shake

When I got Morgan and Abby I started freaking out a bit again. They stare at things that arent there. One night I had that weird feeling again, that negative aura type thing.. and I turned the corner of the hallway to go downstairs, and saw my 2 (at the time only Morgan and Abby) sitting side by side, about a foot away from the wall, just staring at that freaky window. It was night time, and the window is covered with a sheet right now (until I find a good curtain to fit it). They just sat there, staring at nothing... just at the covered window and there wasnt anything there. No bugs or anything fluttering or moving. They were freaking me out! So I shooed them away.

They will sometimes stare at a blank wall like that in other places in the house, but nothing like that dang window. So I think thats enough to convince me I have ghosts here. That and my neighbor, who has lived in her house for over 30 years, said that in all that time, every couple that lived in the house always divorce. Always. It went from a farm to a single family home and then to a duplex and then back to a single family home.. changed many many hands and everytime it sold it was because of divorce. Isnt that freaky?
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Wow. Spooky story. I agree with the ghost thing totally.
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I'm convinced that cats can sense ghosts. I lived in a house with my parents a while back. We rented out a small apartment above the garage. Well, one day one of the tenants had a heart attack in the shower and passed away (this was when I was 9 years old, about 11 years ago I think). He was a friend of the family, so my parents couldn't bear to rent it out again. They had a doorway cleared in the dining room wall to connect the house with the apartment, and they used it as a pool room and stocked the refridgerator with tons of soda.

I was always totally freaked out to go up there, so sometimes I'd take one of the cats up with me (we had a fat calico and a maine coon mix). Niether of them were ever estatic about being picked up, but when I brought them up there they'd go SPASTIC!

Then, I was hanging out with my best friend once (this was probably about 2 years later), and we were playing with the maine coon in the living room. All of a sudden, he got this strange look in his eyes and took a flying leap off the chair and attacked my friend! Then he ran down the stairs really fast. We went downstairs to check on him, and he was crouching at the bottom of the stairs looking completely petrified. He never did it again, but it was very creepy.

Overall, it was a weird experience in general, even without Smokey's demonic episode My mom asked me a few times if I was moving furniture around in the living room because she heard scraping against the floor, and there seemed to be a presence. Plus I saw a strange blue light under the outside door of the apartment when no one was in there. Weeeeeeird. At one point, my mom decided to do some work in the bathroom my sister and I used, and we were forced to shower in the same shower that the man died in. Now THAT was reeeeeeeeeeeeeally scary. *shiver* I think he must've found peace after a while though, because one day the house just felt different.
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You freaked me out! I live alone ya know. I won't be able to sleep tonight!
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Poor Creepyowl! Halloween almost here too!:eek
Well, you do realize that animals are more sensitive to their surroundings than we are; so I am not surprised that sometimes my own cats will act strangely. All I do to calm them down is just talk to them & pet them. Sometimes add a special treat. And even just by doing that,I relax too!
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I wouldn't be suprised if a cat (or other pets) can sense things we cannot since their senses are much more attuned then ours are.

Sometimes Sphinx will get this 'big eyed' look to him and look around or stare at an area as if something is there.

Even I get the feeling once in a while. Creepy......
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Before you deem yourselves all crazy, just know that animals can pick up on your feelings. If you think something is wrong they might act out that feeling because of their closeness to you.

When I was a little girl I was always afraid of things like aliens, the paranormal, you name it. My grandfather named the "ghost" who haunted his garage.

Now when I get scared, being a student who studies engineering I immediately jump to the scientific conclusion. If nothing is driving by and the house shakes, it is probably just settling, or the wind is driving it, or something.

Cats will look around and do strange things and spook easily, If you want to believe in the ghosts because those are your beliefs go right ahead, but if you don't want to believe in them and you're seriously scared, try to justify every thing that happens.

The cats could have moved the curtains, etc any thing that happens think up a few good reasons for it and leave it at that, and just enjoy your cats company to watch over you at night and keep you safe
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Originally posted by MamaKat
When we first moved in, my daughter really freaked me out with things she 'saw' that connected with similar things I 'felt'. It was very weird. For example, I felt I was being watched many times in my house when I was alone. Then she started telling me she saw a mean man in the window, the window is in the stairwell and right on the landing where the staris turn. She was almost 3 when she started talking about this mean man.
I know exactly what you're talking about. So far we've had three children under the age of six who were staying overnight on separate occasions ask, "Who's the "man" upstairs?" All three saw a stranger in the master bedroom or the study off of it, and all of the pets (a dog and cat we had at the same time, an only cat, and two cats whom we had at the same time but had to be kept apart) we've had since moving here in 1982 have reacted as if somebody were at times in those rooms. The odd thing is, neither the kids nor the pets seem(ed) scared. Our cat "talks" to whomever he sees, and rubs against "his" ankles. We have had a few freaky experiences: a picture that fell off the wall every Christmas Eve for a few years running, and has since been put up on another wall, a microwave oven we bought in 1983, which has gone on strike from Easter Saturday to Easter Monday every year since (the manufacturer, Siemens, couldn't find anything wrong with it), and the volume on three successive TV sets going up and down at will (the electrician's comment:"I think your house is haunted.") There's something strange going on here, and the pets certainly have sensed it, but it's not frightening. Since even stranger things have been going on in the second-floor classrooms of our school for over a year (we took over the rooms in September 2002), I'm starting to find the whole thing interesting, rather than scary.
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This thread creeps me out
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Originally posted by chrisstie

The cats could have moved the curtains, etc any thing that happens think up a few good reasons for it and leave it at that, and just enjoy your cats company to watch over you at night and keep you safe
Chrisstie, I know what you mean and it makes sense.. but I dont think I can rationalize anything away anymore. Too much of it has happened Plus, the cats could have moved the curtains, but they werent moving. Nothing was moving. The cats were sitting about a foot, maybe 2, from the wall and just staring up at a covered window that doesnt open (and no drafts) and the "curtain" over it is actually just an old sheet that is heavy and hangs there. They didnt move it, they were just sitting side by side staring at nothing. But Im almost positive something likes that little window because its the same one that my daughter sees a "mean" man in (from outside looking in most often) and its where I feel the most creeped out. Its straight across from my doorway, so some nights when Im changing right in that spot and my door is open I feel watched. Not always, but often. CREEPY
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They say that animals can see ghosts
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