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Kitten pink around the eyes

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My kitten has a pinkish hue around the eyes. Not like in the eye or an infection and there is no discharge or irritation. It;s kind of like a white rabbit, Is this a sign of anything?

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What color and how old?

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He has white fur ad he is 3 months old. That's why I think it may be normal, because the white fur.

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Around their eyes, ears, nose, you can see the pink skin. This is completely normal and until a full grown kitty, will be like this but does fade as he grows up :)

Also the reason to keep your white kitty indoors only, I have seen so many white cats with ear/nose cancer, it's extremely common in white cats, who lack any protection from the sun's harmful rays.

I actually have a resident feral cat who had her ears removed (she has little crescent moons :) that is a permanent resident here.

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My kitten has pink around the eyes and on the ears too. He doesn't on the nose because his nose is black. He has white fur too (with tan slowly spreading from his back end and a black tail), and I agree that it is just normal coloring for a white cat. It is funny that you mentioned him being rabbit-like in your post. My kitten's fur color and texture and the pink around the eyes also reminds me of a white rabbit.
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