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Grey foster kitten - any good kitten care links?

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Looks like I may have found a home for Ivan (the ADORABLE grey foster kitten). He's supposed to go to his new home Friday evening, so they can have the weekend with him. I'm both and at the same time - we're getting pretty attached already. I really wish we could keep him, but we both really feel we're maxed as far as space and resources go with 5 cats, 2 dogs, and a HUGE stray puppy that still needs a home. I know some people manage to take care of lots of cats, and I tip my hat to all who do, but personally I feel that having more will take away from our existing pets, who are not young - they need all the time and attention we can give. I'm still gonna miss him, though!

We're giving him to a friend's sister, which will be nice b/c we'll have contact with them to see how he does. However, I'm a little worried b/c they've never had a cat before. I've told our friend to let them know to call if they have any questions, and that if it doesn't work out, we will happily take him back. I wish I could just point them to TCS for advice, but they don't have Internet service. So, I'm planning to give them the new kitten packet that the vet gave me when I got his first shots - it comes with a cat care book. I'd also like to print out some info for new kitten owners for them - new kitten owner responsibilities, introducing the kitten to their dog (they have a small dog), kids and kittens, kitten care & safety, introducing a kitten to a new home, anti-declaw stuff (I DON'T want him declawed!), etc. etc. etc.

Can you guys point me toward some good articles I can print on these and any other useful subjects?

Any advice for me about how to question them to know they'll be responsible with this little guy, without offending them? They are relatives of Hubby's friend, but I want to be SURE he'll be well taken care of. He's said they're really excited about getting a kitten.

I sure hope I'm doing the right thing!
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I suggest ordering Amy Shojai's book The Complete Kitten Care- her banner is on our Behavior section you can order the book by clicking on her banner. It is the best book out there and covers everything.

Behavior Link
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Tess, check out the brochures we have ready made for adopters to use on Save Samoa, in the Rescue Section . The top two items should be most applicable for you. The Adoption Agreement is very thorough, and it is in Word so you can adapt it however you choose. Tell them that you always have anyone adopting from you sign a contract since you are dealing with a life here, not just some toy to give away. It will also give you many answers to those hard to ask questions that you really want to know about. It is a tough contract, but if they mean to be good kitty parents they won't have a problem signing it.

For anti-Declaw information, check out the Declaw=Detoe section of Stray Pet Advocacy. Lots of good information on there!
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Thank you so much!

That Save Samoa website is such a great resource! That's exactly what I needed - quick info to print to give them tomorrow, and an agreement to make me feel more secure, too!

I'll probably either get Amy's kitten book or recommend it to them, also. She really has great info.
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Well, they fell head over heels in love with him! Heidi, thank you so much for the adoption agreement and links - they made me feel a lot better about giving him up. I know they'll take good care of him, and they know if anything happens that I'll take him back.

MA, I didn't have time to order Amy's book for them, but I did find a book written by her in the pet supply store on kitten care. I got that for them, since she's the best author I've seen, and it looked pretty complete. She always covers the subject clearly and completely. Thanks!

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