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Hello Everyone- Here's Tayo, I will post and pics and Jasminecat can tell you all about him!

He's a Choc Brown Tabby- Isn't he adorable?

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Oh god, he is just such a cute little fluffball!!!! I want to give him kisses!!!!!
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Yes, that is one adorable kitten.
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oh how cute!
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Oh, Sam! He's cuter than possible!
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Thankyou Sam!!!!
As you can see hes absolutely tiny for a 7 week old kitten, and he hasn't been too well, i've been syringe feeding him, and today he actually started cleaning his paws and although not eating for himself he's been more interested in his food today
He also started to try and follow me today, which is a really gooood thing considering he couldnt even stand up yesterday.
Thanks Sam, i really appreciate you posting these pics for me
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That is one of the cutest kittens I've seen. Keep posting pictures to see him growning. Gonna be handsome when he is bigger.
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He's adorable! Such a serious look on that little face.
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: What an adorable purrbaby
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My Pleasure Jasmine- I'm sending vibes so that he will fatten up!
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OMG...I've in LOVE! Such a sweet face!
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OMG what a fluff ball
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such a cutie pie!! I noticed youre wearing black (or is it someone else?) under the cat hair. Very nice ....

its the price we pay
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What an adorable kitten! He has Cindy's and Lucy's nose and some of their color. I'll try to post a pic of our newest addition, Pumpkin.

That kitten is too cute!
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Tayo is so sweet!!!! I'm in Love!!!!
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OMIGOD!!! that is one of the cutest kittens i have ever seen! and i usually don't even care for persian-type cats! what a sweetheart!
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thank you sooooo much guys!
I swear this board magic works.....i woke up today to find Tayo eating!!!!!! :flash: :clown:
He can walk better today, and he's definately trying to follow me!!!! He even put a paw on my lap today asking to be picked up!!!!
Such an improvement since yesterday.
and yes that was me wearing black....i just never learn!!

I have so many more better pics of him now, just feel bad asking someone to post them for me.......
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hey jasmine,

glad to hear that Tayo is feeling a whole lot better now...he' such a sweetie..and u will be glad to know that he's on my desktop as my wallpaper and my colleagues love him like mad...
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what a little sweetie, jsut want to cuddle and cuddle, keep us posted.
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ahhh thanks guys
Tayo is sooooo much better, he's started playing again!!!!

I have sooo many really adorable pics of him, just need someone to help post them for me.......
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Tayo is the cutest kitten I've every seen! What a doll! Will you upload him to me? Pretty Please??
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mmmm Tammie, i'm not too good with computer language.... upload a picture?
What does that mean exactly?
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JasmineCat, Tayo is such a cutie!!
Eating - so glad he's doing so much better.
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Sam, Tayo is absolutely a cuttie pie! Oh so cuddly looking and wow what a gorgeous coat!
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'upload' I reckon she meant post them here or send them to her privately so that she can 'download' them on her computer LOL! But definitely post more of Tayo!!!! That has got to be the cutest persian ever that I've seen thus far and it doesn't look demonic LOL! Most persians to me look possessed, this is the first that is so cute and adorable and I actually want to have one like him!
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Hey Jasmine- I would be more than happy to post pics again for you!

You always say the sweetest things about my cats and I would love to repay that to ya so send em' on over here so i can get em' posted!
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