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Craig and I decided that we should give our cats a variety of food. So we bought some soft food. We keep them mainly on hard food and only planned to let them have a "little" bit of soft food... splitting one can between the three of the kittens.

Bastion and Drew ate theirs.. all of it. Jake licked the gravy from his portion and had a few tiny bites. We let the food sit there thinking maybe he'd go back for more and he wasn't hungry.

About 30 minutes later we went to the store.. when we got home.. we found that one of the kittens had thrown up all over the bathroom floor... and the food that we left for Jake was gone. We don't know if Jake ate it and got sick or if one of the others ate it and just got over stuffed.

Anyone else have these kind of problems?

Oh yeah.. the soft food we were using was Science Diet. Do you think that might have something to do with it. This is the first time they've ever had any Science Diet to our knowledge.

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It's really hard to say... I think you would have to repeat the experiment when you can stay at home and check. Anything's possible. Maybe one of them had an upset stomach or is allergic to the food.
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