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Words can't express.....

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... how touched I am that she thought of me and how sorry I am that she will be leaving us soon.

Kathy and I have been friends almost 20 years, since we were 15. We've been through a lot over the years and had even lost touch for a brief while, as sometimes happens. We never stopped being friends and she has always had a place in my heart.

Unfortunately, Kathy's mother is in hospice care with the final stages of brain cancer. She is for the most part still pretty lucid, but does "wander off" more and more. She's a wonderful person - very warm and funny. The last year has been a gift, as the doctors didn't think she was going to be with us for this long.

Well, Kathy called me today to tell me that she had a message for me from her mother. She then read me the sweetest, most heart felt message I ever heard! She said "...I'm glad you're back with Kathy. You've always been a good friend and looked out for her. Take care of her when I'm gone. Go to Friendly's (an ice cream parlor we used to walk to when we were kids) like you used to and stay away from Sutters (a neighborhood bar - she doesn't want Kathy to drink away her sorrow). I love you." Of course, we both started bawling. I am truly touched that in her mothers final moments, where she is thinking of the people in her life, that I, of all people, should come into her mind.

Mrs. O is fully aware of what is happening and is at peace with it. She is just now saying her goodbye's and I hope Kathy has some comfort in her mother's serenity. She is a wonderful woman and I will miss her terribly.

I just can't seem to get this out of my head and wanted to share. Thank you for listening.

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What a touching story. I hope your friend and her mother can find peace!
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Wow, that gave me goosebumps. It is wonderful that she knows what is going on and gave her time to you.

Bless her and may she go in peace
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That is very touching. I almost started crying while reading it. I am also so sorry to hear Kathy's mother isn't doing well. (((HUGS))) Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
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How wonderful that Mrs. O. thinks so highly of you! She sounds like a wonderful woman! (((***hugs***)))
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I think it's a beautiful gift she gave you, by letting you know that she loves you, and thinks of you.

I hope her remaining days are peaceful. May God be with her, and everyone who loves her.
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How thoughtful and touching.
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I know how that feels toni...one yr ago, my ex bf's grandma passed away and the day before she passed on, I dragged my ex bf to visit and spend some time with her. I was alone with her in her ward that day for a short five minutes as my ex bf walked away to get something done. She called for me and took my hand and said that I'm the best one for her grandson and told me to take good care of him while she's not around. She looked at me with eyes that seem to penetrate meand before I knew it, she's gone the next day. The funny thing is, she told the same thing to my ex bf when he was alone with her. Somehow, I knew she was trying to keep us together but I guess we were not meant to be.
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It's funny how we seem to touch peoples lives.

I spoke to kathy last night. We were on the phone for almost 2 hrs. I think she just needed someone to talk to, which is what I'm there for! Guys, I gan't even begin to fathom what she is going through. I wish I could make this easier on my poor friend.

I can't even think about what I would do if it were me. They are special people and Kathy is a stronger woman than I could ever be.
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sending you a big hug, i will say a prayer for your friend and her mother, this story made me about cry
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