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Help with Urinary Infection

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My Dolly recently started peeing on the sofa. People are saying it's a urinary infection and might have granulas in her urine.


Before I take her to the vet, how can I treat her?


My mom says to feed her wet food which I do twice a week with 1/2 a can each time.

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It's difficult to know how to treat her without a urinalysis. Inappropriate peeing can be caused by different things: a bacterial infection, struvite crystals, calcium oxalate stones, or sterile cystitis. These possibilities have different treatments and only a urinalysis can determine that. However, diet can and should be addressed for all of them. Feeding an all wet, meaty diet (no dry, grains, fruits or veggies) will help. If you want to read more about the link between feline nutrition and urinary tract disorders, please visit Written by a vet, it addresses the common causes of urinary issues in cats and some treatment options.

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Don't wait to take her to the vet. When a cat suddenly stops using the litter box and pees on something soft, then it is most likely a UTI. The longer you wait, the worse the infection and the more pain she will endure. I would absolutely get her off dry food completely or at the very least offer her at least 50% of her daily diet in wet food. Twice weekly is not enough with the canned food. Cats need moisture from their diet not solely from drinking water. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif Keep us posted.
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I took her to the vet today and am leaving her there overnight. The vet said he felt something weird about her intestines and her bladder was empty.

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After a lonely night without Dolly and hearing Wren making a sad meowing sound often, Dolly was back home today.


Vet said Dolly is in good shape. Just waiting for the urinary tests to come back from the lab. The vet said he didn't see any signs of crystals in the urine and said the issue is probably behavioral. Dolly misses her fellow ferals outside and when she sees them and smells them it makes her pee, so have the rear curtains closed. He also told me to have a secondary litter box.


One other good report I got was Dolly was one of the best cat patients the vet has ever had. He was very impressed with how still she stayed while doing tests and never tried to run. Stayed quiet too and wanted attention in the carrier on the way home.

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Would anybody know of any kind of funding that would help pay for my cat's emergancy uti bladder infection? I got her from action for animals. I am broke. All the money is gone. I lost my job at pizza king. I worked only two days a week. I was supposed to work for four hrs. They sent me home early every time i worked. I did dishes. They refused to put my name on the schedule. I ask all managers about it. They threatend to fire me over this. So working only two days a week did not do a thing for me. They wanted me out. Now i have no money and a sick cat.
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Uhm... You would need to call your vets. Maybe ask parents? A uti is nothing to mess around with and if its more like crystals or stones you will be in 1200-2000 in two months.
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