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Any new from Yola recently?

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Hey - has anyone heard from Yola recently? She hasn't been on the site for a while. I wonder if she has had the baby? I hope everything is ok. Yola - if you are out there, please let us know that everything is ok!
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We miss you, Yola!
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She sent me a photo a wee while ago of the baby, a cute wee boy.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
She sent me a photo a wee while ago of the baby, a cute wee boy.
Thank you - I was getting concerned about her. If you e-mail her tell her HI and congrats from me!
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She had a bit of a rough go at delivery. The baby was a bit larger than expected. But Mom and Baby are doing well at last report.
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Just went digging through the email piles, and found this:

Dominik [Alexander] joined us at 12:57pm on 20th August 2003.
I've seen Yola lurking here a couple times, but haven't seen her posting.
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That's wonderful news! Glad to hear that she finally had that little squirt!

YOLA...what about some pictures of the little guy? You know how much we LOVE those pictures!
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Cute name and most likely a cute baby! Yola we miss you!
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BUMP since Yola is on RIGHT NOW!!!

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It's real sweet of you to ask!!!

Ady - I emailed you with the same original email I sent to MA, Anne, Heidi and a few others , but I guess it didn't get to you . . .

I've been very busy for the last month or so juggling the baby and the job, and although I've been dipping into TCS on occasions I haven't had the energy to post very much. Problem is, my PC was wiped a while back together with my photo manipulation software and I haven't got round to re-installing it. I have images of Dominik but they're WAAAAY to big to post, I need to scale them down quite a bit.

I will get Ken to install photoshop soon (I'm hopeless with techno-stuff), and will post pics of my little angel just as soon as I can.

Dominik is now 7.5 weeks old and is putting on weight famously. He also looks less like a little grub and more like a little boy.

Sorry I didn't mean to ingore you guys it's jsut been SOOOO mad recently . . .

Love ya lots and thanx for caring
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So good to hear from you Yola!!!

Glad to hear little Dominik and Mommy are doing well. If you have the time, you could email me the pics of the little angel and I can resize and post them for you.
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Yeah! I am so glad everything went well. Give him a smooch from me! How is the kitty handling the baby?
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Thanks Heidi, I've just emailed you. I'm sure once the software is reloaded I will be posting pictures of him ad nauseum.

And yes - as MA says, the labour was a bit of a mare. Rotational Forceps, i.e., they had to pull and turn (sorry . . .).

He was 8lbs 2oz, and born with a full head of hair. His eyes are now turning brown (like mine).

Right . . . gotta go, as dear Dom, who's been asleep most of the afternoon, has woken with a vengeance and is yelling his head off.
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Yola! I'm glad everything went well... well more or less... the delivery sounds scary.

I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! Come on Heidi!
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OH! I just found the thread with the pictures, ignore me!
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