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2 week kitten constantly crying

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Ok so the kitten we adopted from CL who was spayed had a kitten two weeks ago.

She's a very good mother for being so young (9 months.)

Just recently (the past 3-4 days) the kitten has been crying consistently. Mama responds to his cries. I can visibly see he is teething. Could that be the cause?

I tried feeding the kitten some of my pumped breast milk just to see if he was hungry. He didn't seem interested at all. I haven't seen him nurse recently though and he wouldn't latch when I tried coaxing him. I've just have been leaving mama to do what she needs. But his meowing is horse now... So in worried if there is something I'm missing.
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Forgot to add: the kitten has lost 10grams (last checked two days ago.).
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I'd recommend a visit to the vet, but first of all, see if he's hungry. Get some kitten milk replacement and try to feed him. There could be a problem with his mother's milk.
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My hubby is on his way now. Pretty sure mama cat's milk dried up. Her teets aren't as swollen and I just saw him try to nurse and I could tell he was frustrated and she was uncomfortable.
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Tried KRM and kitten didn't really seem interested. Not sure if its just because it's new, or he doesn't need it.
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You may need to try a different kind of nipple like a smaller one . you can get some small that fit on a feeding syringe and feed that way. just put in a very small amount at a time,, make sure he swallows.

YOu can try first rubbing some dextrose or corn syrup ( like the white Karo syrup if you live where that is available) on his gums to perk up his blood sugar if it is low.

You can add a very small amount of that to the formula too to try to entice him

if he won't take it via a bottle or syringe, you will need to tube feed. and I would recommend that a vet show you how to do that the first time.
Because this kitten has already been crying for a few days and may have not been getting much nutrition, I would not delay at all. A kitten needs to feed every few hours or will get hypoglycemic . You may need to go to an emergency vet today if you can't get that kitten feeding this AM.
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