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Does anyone use heartworm preventative? How much do you think it is necessary? It is pretty pricey.
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I only use it for my dogs , it is expensive . I could not aford to buy that for my cats . For the dogs it is between $35 and $60 I believe . I will have to buy next month again then I know for sure the cost .
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I've been wondering that myself. My cats are indoor-only and I don't like putting chemicals into their systems unless it's necessary. Seeing how we only have warm weather for a few months, is it necessary during that time? Our nights are already getting down into the 40s and supposedly in the 30s by the weekend, the mosquitos aren't a threat anymore.

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fuzzmom I don't think you need to give them any , since they are only inside cats . But if you want to be on the save site you can give it to them .
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