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Dental Cleaning. Help!!

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Hi everyone,

My 8 year old had her teeth cleaned at the vet on Tuesday (it's now Thursday). On Wednesday, she still didn't appear to have come out of it (she still seemed groggy and lethargic) so I brought her to the vet. She'd been eating normally but hadn't been drinking, so I was concerned that she may be dehydrated. They gave her some fluids with an IV and said it would help flush the anesthesia out of her system. He said if that didn't help then to bring her back today. Well, ever since I went to bed last night, she's been hiding under the bed and won't come out. She hasn't eaten since last night either.

Now I'm wondering if I should bring her back to the vet, or if I should give her more time. I'm wondering if she's just traumatized from the experience and if bringing her back to the vet everyday will just make her even more uncomfortable. I've only had her for 1.5 months (she spent her whole life with one owner before), and she hid under the bed a lot for the first week I had her since she was nervous. Is it possible that she just wants to be left alone because she's upset about her lengthy vet visit (she was there from 8am to 7pm).

I'm torn because I don't know if I should just leave her alone and let her recover, or if I should be concerned and bring her back to the vet again.

Does anyone have any experience with how your cats act after leaving them at the vet all day? I can't really tell if she's acting lethargic or not since she's under the bed, but she is definitely acting like she wants nothing to do with my boyfriend and me.

I want to do what's best for her, but it's hard to tell what that would be right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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I'd probably leave her alone for a day - she sounds as if she's traumatized from the visit. Our last cat (a feral) usually hid for a day or two after a visit to the vet's of any duration. JC is the exact opposite, particularly after a long visit - all he wants to do is eat, cuddle and play. If she was checked out on Wednesday, I wouldn't worry too much unless she refuses to eat tomorrow, and shows no sign of recovery from her fright.
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I think that your cat was probably traumatized, BUT is it acting lethargic? My kitty had her teeth cleaned(on Monday) and two teeth extracted in the past couple weeks, and she ended up having a bad infection set in. My vet did not give her any antibiotic, and I noticed she was not just hiding, but was lethargic and was not eating or drinking, and she had her eyes matted up, quite a bit. I got a hold of her, wrapped her in a towel (NOT that she would probably have fought me, as she was, by then, VERY lethargic, and not just hiding, like I previously thought!) and put a little KY jelly on a thermometer and took her temp rectally. It was over 103 and 101 is about normal for a kitty. So I got her back into the vets and they did give her a shot of antibiotic, and put her on Amoxil. But my other kitty is feeling rather ill, it seems, and I am going to get both into another Vet as soon as I can. They are, both on Amoxil at this time, and they DO seem to be a bit better today. Both are eating and drinking and Spike was playing a bit, today! But I am not happy with the fact, that the Vet did not do bloodwork on either of them, either before OR after... SO(long story--short!!! ) WATCH your kitty, and this evening, you may want to try to get it's temp. That way, you will know if anything else is going on, besides, that it is traumatized. Best of luck with your little one!! I KNOW how upset I've been this week about all this EXACT same thing!!!!
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Thanks for the replies! I got home today and she was on top of the bed instead of under the bed. I'm not really sure if she's acting lethargic or not. When we first got her, she spent most of the day in one spot and wouldn't respond to anything, which is what she's pretty much doing now. She ate while I was gone, and my boyfriend saw her eating when he got home too.

I think that she just needs a few days to get over the experience. She's eating, drinking, and grooming herself, but she just seems like she wants to be left alone. I'm going to monitor her over the weekend, and I'll do whatever has to be done if she gets worse. Thanks for the advice!
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Oh gosh--I am SO glad, as it does sound as if she is improving!!
What a relief, huh?!

A sick kitty(or other pets) can scare me quicker than anything!
I SURE wish they could tell us what is wrong!!!
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A sick kitty(or other pets) can scare me quicker than anything!
No kidding! She really freaks me out because I don't really know what's normal and what's not since I haven't had her that long. She's doing much better now. She's been hanging out in the livingroom and sleeping on our bellies again

She's still acting a little funky, but I think she may just be a little mad at me :P
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